Attack the Light is a mobile game based on the cartoon series Steven Universe. Players control the main characters, using their unique abilities to defeat enemies and solve puzzles in various levels. The game features turn-based combat and combines elements of strategy and puzzle-solving. Players can unlock and upgrade new abilities and learn more about the show’s universe as they progress through the game.

Latest of Attack the Light Codes

Py60gXelXXX Get

The Crystal of Abundance: A random fantasy gift bursting with multiple rewards! Uncover powerful new abilities, rare gemstones to enhance your weapons, exclusive outfits for your heroes, and secret maps leading to legendary treasures. The Crystal of Abundance awaits your valiant conquests in Attack the Light!


“Unleash your powers with a Fantasy Coupon! Choose from multiple rewards: 1. Double damage for one battle, 2. Fully restore your team’s health, 3. Unlock a secret rare gem!”

How to Redeem Code for Attack the Light

To redeem a gift code in Attack the Light, simply follow these steps. Open the game and go to the main menu. Tap on the Settings icon located at the top right corner. From there, scroll down and select "Redeem Code." Enter the gift code in the designated field and tap "Redeem." If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding gift. Enjoy your rewards and continue your adventure in Attack the Light!

List of Attack the Light Codes

1. Code: ATL001KT
Gift: Rare Gem Pack
Description: Unleash the power of rare gems with this pack, providing you with a variety of powerful abilities in Attack the Light.

2. Code: ATL002SB
Gift: Super Boost Potion
Description: Gain an incredible boost in strength with this powerful potion, allowing you to defeat enemies with ease in Attack the Light.

3. Code: ATL003BF
Gift: Battle Formation Scroll
Description: Unlock a powerful battle formation scroll that grants your party unique bonuses and strategies to overcome any challenge in Attack the Light.

4. Code: ATL004CH
Gift: Crystal Shard Necklace
Description: Equip this beautiful crystal shard necklace to enhance your characters' abilities and strengthen their overall performance in Attack the Light.

5. Code: ATL005RF
Gift: Rare Fusion Recipe
Description: Discover a rare fusion recipe that allows you to combine two powerful gems, creating an ultimate gem with enhanced abilities in Attack the Light.

6. Code: ATL006HP
Gift: Health Potion Pack
Description: Stock up on health potions with this pack, ensuring your party's survival and enabling you to withstand even the toughest battles in Attack the Light.

7. Code: ATL007ES
Gift: Energy Sphere Amulet
Description: Equip this amulet to increase your characters' energy reserves and gain the ability to unleash devastating special attacks in Attack the Light.

8. Code: ATL008TR
Gift: Training Regimen Guide
Description: Unlock a special training regimen guide that enables your characters to level up faster and acquire powerful new skills in Attack the Light.


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