NameBadland Brawl
ReleaseHypeHype Inc.

Incredibly explosive multiplayer awaits you in this game—download Badland Brawl for Android, the most fantastic action game with incredible gameplay and many physical processes.

It’s your time to take the clones to the battlefield, manage time, and set completely insane goals for yourself. Think over the tactical component, start a chain reaction and enjoy such an exciting game. You will be able to unite many clans, make an incredible leap forward and demolish any defensive tower of your opponent.

You can arrange a real massacre with your friends, participate in brawls worldwide, and everything will happen in real-time. Pretty funny gameplay that will give us a lot of joy and incredible pleasure. You will be able to build chain reactions to deceive and then crush your opponents. Get the tremendous rewards in this universe, unlock dozens of new characters, and collect them in your clan.

Upgrade them, come up with crazy parties and learn to think a couple of steps ahead. You have to go through dozens of unfamiliar countries, climb to the very top and challenge any enemy. Learn new tactics, solve the essential tasks and gain a lot of experience.

Badland Brawl MOD

After playing for so many years now I am done with the game, I can no longer play this game with such high ping and glitches. The developers are not paying attention to fix this. I think the developers have given up on this game so there has been no update for several months.. Yadhav hdsugsjsgs dyg you can see the g you ever been to u y yes you are right tu h bb eb i you y IW y ur happy h happy returns returns. This so called game, is truly rigged. With perfect Internet connection it still lags. 95% of the players use the same unstoppable clones. If I knew what I know now, I promise you I would had NEVER waste any time downloading this trash. You been warned!. Fix the game lag ,I have been playing this game for a long period ,it's really annoying ( laging) and as soon the problem solved i will definitely give 5 . This game is timeless. It's fun and doesn't get old. I've even left the game for a while, come back and it was like I never left. It's quick fun with instant satisfaction and a great time killer. All that with a sprinkle of competitiveness and it makes for a great simple game..

Badland Brawl APK

A great game with great models, battles, and cards!! I like that you really have to master strategy to master fighting other people!! This is an amazing game, keep it up!!. I've been playing this game long ago and it's great, but the new core lightning clone totally ruind the balance of the game, and having it means an autamatic win for you, it should either be removed or have it's lightening strength reduced.. Everything is just so fun to play but the only problem that I'm facing is crashes I hope u guys will fix something about this thank you have a lovely weekend always. I've been playing for 4 years. My first review was left in Feb 2021 with feedback. Years later and il give another update. The game lags so much it's got so many bugs it crashes me out of game n when I re enter everything's pink. It falls out of sync when you're in match. You are rewarded such low victory gold from win vs the cost of upgrading stuff. There's just loads of flaws and feels as if the games being neglected. I've spent loads of money too and it's disappointing that it's got to this.

Badland Brawl APK

This game is no good it likes to glitch and I was supposed to get a box and never got it. *Update if I could give this game "No stars " I would've. Will be deleting for the new year. It cheats, poor matchmaking, sticks, gives wrong information. I saw this years ago an loved it but obviously everything have their different thresholds, it was fun for the bit.. This game ping is very high But also game is very nice But. Sir. voice Chat very better than experience. next update voice chat. .. Brawel pass only 1 month Next month browel pass new purchase ?Waste for money. . The game used to be fun. Now it's just pay to win, zero strategy required. Every charcter they add is more broken and needs less skill. They killed the game. If you. Don't want to break your phone don't play this game. It's fine till you get to lvl 15+, but after that people just have to use the broken characters to win. I as a lvl 18 player can lose to a lvl 8 player just because they have broken cards. Not Worth it..

Badland Brawl APK

It's a beautiful game but it has a big problem that has very bug and in the when you are playing suddenly stop for second and can't do anything and when it gets fix,you can see that the enemy destroy your tower.. The matchmaking in this game is bogus and hard to even get ahead when goin against players double your rank, would not recommend. I used to really enjoy this game. It has improved in some places. I like the updates and most of the events. Some of the more recent clones are a bit too powerful for the mana they cost to use like core lightning. Most people use it so the only way to really advance is using decks that don't involve health bar units but rather timers like bombs and push cards. My deck I've been working on for a year is completely useless now. It's very upsetting considering I've spent money working on it.. Love the game but it would be much better if it didn't freeze up 2 or 3 times every single match, that is why I stopped playing a couple years ago, I figured it would have been fixed by now but still does it.

Every time I open the App it start downloading a lot of data, you as developers must take into consideration the cost of data. Sometimes I have free 10 mins or so to play but I don't now because I have to wait for the game to download the updates! It's frustrating. Edit: The issue has been resolved long ago, I changed my review to 5 stars now!. Still very uneven I have paid a load of money and still am losing 50 games in row nearly thrown mobile at wall 20 a day.. PAY TO WIN. Lag. They use lag and randomness to manipulate the game, especially in events and when you try to cross land levels. Basically, the game cheats. Upvote. 11.05.19 . . " 5 $". , " . 04.12.23 Nothing has changed. Three years have passed since my first experience with it, but it has only gotten worse. Now it also closes in the middle of the battle. Bad optimization, bad balance, bad netcode..

Great gameplay, but event balancing is absurdly broken. I'm only in arena 4 and I keep getting clapped by people with stupidly powerful cards I can't even get yet, because only the main pvp is skill-based matchmaking apparently.. I love I used to play the og badlands when I was six im glad this series is not forgotten by the devs. I'm rating this from 5 to 2 because the game cheats when I try to win. While in the battle if you are winning the match with combo attacks the game struck and shows nothing. I really hate that I just want the developer to resolve the issue soon so that I can rate it back.. When I play trophy matches I'm level 13 and my opponents are always at least level 16+ can I not play trophy matches? I always lose because the enemy's level is higher than mine. Is this a pay to win game? or what? This game makes me crazy. Who wants to waste time playing this useless and random game? Stupid!your dark system.

It is a very good game but something I hate is when it matches me up with someone that has more health than me so it's practically impossible or they have better cards than me which also makes it impossible I really need them to fix it also when you try to close out and go back in it like takes a while for it to get back in the gameso you have to wait on a black screen.but overall it's a great game. Need MORE troops OverAll THIS IS JUST AWESOME -! It's concept is quiet similar like Calsh Royal But, I enjoyed it MORE than Clash Royal man-!. Overall, it's a really good game. However, I am trying to retrieve my old account, and the chat isn't working properly. Also, it's not letting me connect to Facebook either.. Great game multiplayer mode game no energy to play high rank is a dogfight ad don't work every time but it's cool great concept you guys nailed it I appreciate you.

Updating my reveiw to give it 0/5 stars. The game is boring and broken PAY TO WIN. They take long time to release new cards and after SO MANY YEARS they add the same cards with different skin and higher mana cost! Amoung the unbalanced matchmaking many people are busy with the silly random 2v2 which leads to long waiting in 1v1 untill you get aponent 8your level.Some players love burning the atmosphere of the others and bugs everywhere. Good ppl and tribes have quit and deleted it. Good game but paid to win. Been playing from years but still player with pass has more chance to win. And match selection is odd because it is always against the who has best cards.. Good game at first it lag so much but its getting better by every new update.keep up the good work.also add some new clone for example like Canon,area heal potion,land mine and tree that grow mini bomb etc . thank you.. I have purchased a Brawl Pass, but the item was not received, and there no response from the game team..

Badland Brawl is my favorite game. It is very unique & super addictive. But this game hasn't been major updated for months. Please stop adding similar type of clones with different skins. Add some new Clones with new abilities. Also add some new exciting features including enhanced graphics to capture more players. Or you can create & release Badland Brawl 2.. Love this game but it lags every match. Even 1 second of lag can cost you the game. It's very unpleasant to lose to someone because of lag.. The game runs super well the only problem is the events and sometimes gold first the events only make you go against people who are veterans and the gold income is small but well if you manage good. Lots of bugs and crashing. Great gameplay and mechanics just needs some fixing. I gave screenshots of some bugs that I have encountered. If the devs even care anymore..

The game has become garbage since everyone is exploiting the auto springboard glitch. It's all the same noobs playing the same deck, so boring.. [EDIT after latest update] Been playing for over a year. Lots of fun. Especially 2v2. Been playing for so long and haven't seen any signs of some emotes I want in either the shop or brawl pass. I haven't bought the brawl pass, but if there were better emotes then I would.. It's absolutely terrible. Bot filled game with no balance. Is it a coincidence that when I change my lineup, it suddenly takes longer to find a match? Or when using a particular lineup, you continue to be matched up against cards that counter yours? The developers are completely incapable of creating a balanced game, and it shows. Games like this will never be as good as they could be. Similar to Clash Royale. Just poor balance and incompetence, combined with incapable brains in charge of it all. Half dead game, not enough players. End up with a screw up match making with opponent 2 x of your level. Wow.

I've only been playing this game for about a week, and it's been crashing for most of that time. I try to start a battle and it just crashes before it even begins.. what's the point in even trying to invest time into this game? Almost seems like the developers don't even invest time into it. It seems like it could be an amazing game too, so it's shame. I loved it while I could play it.. Best game! Invisible rune is alittle too much. When new clones come out, take ur time before upgrading it, that way if any updates come that changes the clone, you don't waste ur upgrade cost and time.. I thought this new update would fix the freeze lag and glitches. I was WRONG they still happen and now they are even worse, With the game freezing 2-3 time during each match. I'm slowly moving back to Fun Run games and leaving this game behind after years of playing.. A completely new gameplay,fun and well made game!,the most important note about this game is that it will not become boring after a while!.

It's a funny game with too many glitches, and the game would crash multiple times in one session, it's so annoying! Fix it please to take 10 stars, not 5 :). It's a good game all in all the play style is awesome, there's so many clones to collect to build your badlander army in my opinion this game gets a 5. I cant play the game anymore, all of a sudden when i press brawl its just a blank screen and then crashes immediately. Idk why but its still happening.. I had rated it 5 stars before the brawl pass came out but now I must say, it is really becoming a "pay to win" game. The amount of progress given to the brawl pass holders are really insane. It gives a HUGE disadvantage to the free to play players. Tbh, this is one of my most favorite games and I'm so disappointed by how it is going day by day. Frogmind, please reduce the progress for the rich, fill it with cosmetics, but not progress. Afterall, a game has a free to play player's community too..

I love the game but atleast give me some decent loot i only have some common one's please give me some decent loot like i said give me some decent loot got it. crashing in the middle of the battle when trying to launch crashes again when trying again crash, then the game opens and every card is pink.

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