Fluvsies – A Fluff to Luv is a lovable virtual pet game developed by publisher TutoTOONS. Players can explore a vibrant world filled with adorable creatures called Fluvsies, each with their own unique personalities and traits. With engaging mini-games and fun activities, kids can nurture their Fluvsies, feed them, play with them, and watch them grow into happy, healthy companions.

Latest of Fluvsies Gift Codes

e7rYxXVbXXX Get

Unlock the Gift of the Enchanted Forest! Receive magical creatures, rare items, exclusive outfits, and a bonus mini-game. Enjoy endless adventures!

opVtWMerXXX Get

Get 50% off a magical pet, free secret spellbook, or exclusive Fluff to Luv unicorn plush with this coupon!

How to Redeem Code for Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv

To redeem a gift code in Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv, open the app, locate the settings menu, select "Redeem code," enter the code accurately, and press submit. Enjoy your new in-game rewards!

List of Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Codes

1. FLUVSIEGIFT123: Unlock a special surprise for your Fluvsie friend!
2. FLUFFYTREAT567: Spoil your Fluvsie with a fluffy gift they'll love!
3. LUVFLUVSIE999: Show your Fluvsie some love with this exclusive code!
4. FURRYFRIENDS777: Treat your Fluvsie to a fun surprise with this code!
5. CUDDLEBUG345: Give your Fluvsie a cuddly gift to cherish forever!
6. SNUGGLEFLUVSIES: Keep your Fluvsie warm and cozy with this code!
7. FLUFFYPALS2022: Connect with your Fluvsie through a special gift code!
8. HAPPYFLUVSIEGIFT: Spread joy and happiness to your Fluvsie with this code!


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