NameBeach Buggy Racing 2
ReleaseVector Unit

The racing toy is back. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the newest chapter of the racing series, released recently. The project is back with the latest tracks, crazy drive, and other unique features. We are are sure it will be much more fun the sooner you can test your limits again. It r mains only to join these competitions, ride the best cars in the world and get unique bonuses. Ride through the Egyptian pyramids, visit old castles and other exciting places.

Collect a new arsenal, get spare parts, and make a more fancy car. Soon you will attract new drivers, put unique vehicles in the garage, and climb to the very top of the local league. This project has been downloaded by more than 70 million people, which means it will be interesting to experience it for yourself. There are many turns, the most challenging tracks, and much more that you can check on your car—the ost diverse maps, constant updates,s and many exciting things. It e a good team for you to move with it to the podium.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 MOD

Love the game. I'd love it more if there's a timer that counts down when power ups(like oil slick and big tires) are used on your car. Like the timer that counts down when you use boost juice or police chase. Also, can there be an option for a replay of previous races?. I give you one Star reason being not fair because you don't give me upgrade and my weapon can't make more impact than my opponents. I was in love with it but now I hute it. I play games to enjoy not get annoyed 999. Beach Buggy is suck. Too many ads . There is something to know for developer. That is there are many countries which don't have credit card or PayPal,Visa card .i.e,. Good game, bad adverts. Vet your advertisers. An ad should never take you to the app store if you don't touch your device while it's playing (Wordscapes) and the X in the corner to close the ad should CLOSE THE AD! And I understand that ads help pay but most ads are just that. Others are more like phishing. Try them out before you accept their $$.. Great game and all that ,took a long time to download though....and after all of that waiting when i tried to play the game it just kicked me out and sent me to my homescreen....

Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK

You know we all have different desires though we share mood. So if you are bored for some times, I personally recommend this particular one. It's fun but I don't like how the whole upgrade system works. I prefer physically upgrading the cars instead of them upgrading with everytime you level up. The game also feels very pay to win, because a lot of the good cars require you to pay actual money.. good graphics and all but not being able to restart races and also buying cars and stuff like that is unfair. The Gold paint challenge of lunar rover and baha jumper not working as I won "Last car standing" daily event two times by cars however it is not adding to count in Goldpaint challenge instead it shows just 1 completed and not 2.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK

superb but we need mutliple players as my friend and me used to play together so it will be very fun to play ...kindly update mutilpe players to connect and play... It's a nice game Really enjoy playing at my free time, I thought it would have a multiplayer but no Still nice thou.. If I'm running at 1st position, the others are so coordinated at taking me down. But when I'm far behind, the others are chilling. If you don't want your players to take lead, I won't give you the luxury of 5 stars either. Balance your game well. I love the game but only issue is that you have to play with Internet connection I am really mad with the creators.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK

Pro tip: you don't have to watch adds if you quit the game before they start doing all that cheating Ish' (WE ALL KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT)....That way, I win all the time and I rarely have 2 watch adds . why is it so hard to get the last powerup? you can only get it if you reach the next level i'm on level 11 but it doesn't give the warp speed powerup i have open alot of power up crates but still nothing. Pay to Play!!! Stay away!! I made it to lol 5 and Still was stuck with the same car and gear I had to begin with. No upgrading gear or anything. Kept getting put in races where I couldn't even catch up. And I master these driving games. It's a money grubber!. Just too much ads. Can't bear it. Had to uninstall it. Earlier this game was best but now there is too much ads. Can't play this anymore..

This game is the best racing game ever . We can throw stuff on people and let go slow ,there is many kinds of cars,colors of cars and skins it is very cool and fun.. Fun but game gets harder as u continue playing esp because of the added power ups and it seems like the other cars are better than yours. The game does not work at all, but it's interesting it's just that it lags and exit the app by itself. generational game to be honest. amazing gameplay. and its definitely not a P2W game unless you really really lack patience. it gets frustrating at some point but if a game doesn't frustrate you once in a while then its boring, so i wouldn't have it any other way.

Its fun to play this game but please make a multiplayer in next update and it will be more fun because you can play with your friends and if you make a multiplayer in this game, In my opinion this will be the best racing game ever.. My Suggestion About Game Is That Can You Make Player ID So That We Can Invite Each Other And Play Me Vs Friend 1v1 Mode My English Is Not That Well But I'm Sure You Will Understand Thanks. Game is so unplayable 90 percent of the times you won't win the race, and if there's a driver challenge or car challange they straight up cheat to make you loose, like all the attack on them rebound to you as well as they will have inifinite power ups and their cars move much faster than your's. Its too hard to play for now on. Plus its not an offline game.. I like this game and the graphics are so cool that I can't imagine it but only problem is that the ads are coming in between.

Ok sir I see thank you so much I hope there a event on the other characters who are not yet open yet like Roxy and the others also. This game is awesome. This game can relax the mind .This game made me competitive. Please make this game offline.Iam sure it will have a lot of downloads across the world. The graphic is so bad ,everything is so worse .Beach Buggy Racing 1 is more better then this part 2 ,need to update it a lot I'm not impressed . Hi guys Can you do game offline please When you go out of home you need a WI fi for play game.

Today I installed this game and when I open it ,it is showing sever is not good why ?? Tell me. All my life, I've been waiting to play bb racing 2. I always played the 1 and I was bored, and wanted to try out the 2 so it's as good as it can be for me. Hi when liveeee youuu!!!! WOWWWW!!! car! What's with me support Money dappled lead today but LIKE WOW... she's a deplorable conditions of commerce i will never change it my account whatever hour cp billi years 10 years 70 what's wrong thing nexus Beach Buggy 2 Beach Buggy!!!! wow Cute woman. boys...! ;D we cannot afford it eventually cauliflower faculty girl x Boy Waskom omg!! Don't know in office for Wapping love you nevertheless it amazing how wow that's a chance cool! Game! . The first one is far better and fun to play than this update. I think I should continue to play the first one than this. The upgrade should have been an upgrade of many Championships and new tournaments in the BBR1 rather than the BBR2.

This game iz really funny but u should have a multiplayer race and u would get prizes like 300 coins and 30 gems for 3rd place, 2000 coins and 80 gems gems for 2nd place and 5000 coins and 300 gems for first thank u. Enjoyed playing this game. Better than beach buggy racing 1. Thank you vector unit team for making this lovely and fun game. I wish there was multilayer the use of race codes/rooms to link different players like umm dls for example. Hello and welcome to give you this message but we all know that we are always hit with attacking powerups like angry bull and etc but it is wild.

The custom skin challenge for Baja Jumper is faulty. Please fix this asap Hot wheels tracks were so nice. Though the game is amazing, such small thing makes me give less stars and probably go for uninstall. Some of the paid cars or drivers should become free after you have unlocked all ot atleast in the challenge, give options till Top 10.. Am unable to get into tge game i don't know yhe reason why but tge way am seeing the game it will be very interesting.

Download ( V2023.10.27 )

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