NameBlack Clover M
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseGarena International II

Black Clover M is an action-packed mobile game based on the popular anime and manga series, Black Clover. The game allows players to step into the shoes of Asta, the main protagonist, and join the ranks of the magical knights in the Clover Kingdom.

Players can form their own squad of powerful and diverse characters from the Black Bull, Golden Dawn, and other popular squads featured in the series. Each character possesses unique abilities and skills that can be upgraded and customized to create a formidable team.

The gameplay consists of intense real-time battles against AI-controlled enemies or other players in the PvP arena. As players progress through the game, they can unlock powerful spells and learn new combat techniques to unleash devastating attacks on their opponents.

In addition to the combat, Black Clover M also offers an engaging storyline that closely follows the events of the anime and manga. Players can immerse themselves in the rich world of Black Clover by experiencing key moments and interacting with beloved characters from the series.

Overall, Black Clover M offers fans an exciting and immersive gaming experience with its captivating storyline, thrilling battles, and extensive character customization options.

Black Clover M MOD

While it is a great game and performs really well.. the gacha system is terrible. The pity is terrible and the pull rates are terrible.. it's sitting at a 3 out of 5 right now. It's impossible getting new characters without having to spend money.. After the first update, inside the hideout, Grey changed from their disguise to their original form but no other characters change like this. Gauche and Noelle should be nicer to Asta after chapter 2, but they never do. Really makes the game feel stale and unupdated.. the game is fire but the camera bein locked really brings it down and it's be pretty cool if we could make our own mage and jave more of a fight then just taking turns. Pay to win heavy, free resources are not enough to get even 1 featured character banner every update because of their summon system and very low rewards, even with maxed out characters you won't be able to clear hall of illusions unless you have some specific characters maxed out that you don't even have, PVE and PVP both P2W. Tcticas sucias por parte de la empresa, te lanzan un banner para que consigas un personaje del permanente por si te falto para estar en meta, luego te lanzan el banner de temporada con un evento en el cual podras conseguir solo por tirar en ese banner cualquier personaje del permanente prcticamente gratis, estn haciendo todo lo posible por sacar dinero a sus jugadores, el juego se est volviendo cada vez ms p2w..

Black Clover M APK

kenapa sih kalian ngerilis custom rate up summon sebelum event gacha dan ssr selector gratis? banyak yg kejebak termasuk saya.. ini tujuan kalian? ngejebak pemain?. I'll give it a 4.5. Lots of great features n stuff to do..2 weeks out of the month..You will spend the other 2 saving resources. Where developers always miss the mark is in over charging for stuff. Gotcha games need cheaper events to keep small spenders engaged..but oh well...maybe January revenue drop will show them that. They need to add all the mages as the drop in general pulls...instead of drop n poof.. Game turn base anime terbaik,ramah f2p,bc dikasih banyak dari event hadiah lain dan ikatan lvl 15 karakter banyak, bayangin 30 karakter lebih ada 300 bc perkarakter,tinggal main santai dan sabar aja pasti banyak dapat bc.20 hari sekali bisa up semua bintang karakter 1 ,10tiket gacha 800 bc,jadi main lama karakter lu bakal banyak Bintang 5 dah asal main sabar dan ga emosian di gacha.semoga gamenya panjang umur thanks garena. it's a mix between genshin honkai and grand cross,the battling is addicting and graphics are nice and it doesn't seem to pay to win so far,very fun.

Black Clover M APK

I absolutely love this Game. The story is amazing and the characters are amazing. I would like to know when there will be a summon event for the Wizard King again.. Had 5 stars before too many bugs, it just keeps crashing already spent more than $100 feeling kinda sad to say its just not good any more the updates are not there but the character banners comes like every week come on now too bad it was a waste of my time n money.. I love the anime and this game. However I will be removing this app because I purchased a luxury package for $51.33 and I didn't receive it, and the money was taken from my account. Just don't bother since day 1 giving it a chance but the devs are rats put events near impossible to complete then not letting you edit team and locking you out of rewords ... It's cash grab and half dead would not let my worst enamt play this blatant scam and low brain devs go watch YouTubers alot refuse to spend and those that did won't again ... Everything is stacked to force your wallet and I played a lot of these games but this never seen.

Black Clover M APK

Putting the character doesn't out in game in spire honor will make you game better then you are a piece of human dog ship I'm quitting you mf. From the best game for me to the worst, the probability of the character's downfall is high, and you can easily tell that this game is a pay-to-win game.. Very fun and addicting if your into strategy games. I enjoy it alot, it gives me the classic final fantasy experience I grew up with. Variety of characters with its own strenghts and weakness, many ways to increase their stats.. Amazing game, need more guild events though! This game would be so much fun to also have direct messaging to players. Other than that, it's almost perfect..

I must say The graphics and detail are Amazing!! Just make sure you bump it up to ultra graphics if your phone can handle it. As a free fire fan I like it all over cut seen is cool but the space it need is to much,allover it is a cool game.... it's very refreshing. I never liked rpg games before, but I definitely give this an A++ for the graphics and dynamics. Cheers to the creators who worked very hard to give us such an eventful top quality game. They should work on the Naruto and DragonBall games as well.. Bugged game, small details in coding that cause huge issues in game, especially during limited challenges when you need to do something it bugs out locking you out of progression. Other things that are blatant is the cheating involved in PVP, I highly doubt people are spending $300 to buy tickets to progress to top ranks, with a 3 daily limit, I doubt it. But there they are with unrealistic amounts of points that you cannot attain without cheating....

Ada beberapa masalah. Selalu ada tanda notifikasi di event tetapi setelah saya cek tidak ada sama sekali. Dan tanda itu tidak hilang selama 2 buoan bermain. Selalu dipindah ke lobby secara paksa saat setelah mengganti tim di tantangan terbatas, itu sangat menggangu.. Delete process is the worst, I've been trying to delete the account for over a week now and I just don't get that done, I've been waiting for the OTP I was supposed to get within 72 hours, and now we are 80+ hours in and still have t received anything, I'll just stop playing. Thanks.. What a lovely animation! I'm totally blessed with summoning the mages. Feeling just like I'm rewatching the series back. Great at all!. Black clover is my favorite anime and this is just amazing, the graphics are Amazing. I am waiting for this game for like 2-3 months and now I am so happy that it has finally released.

I love this game story but the gameplay is no good, honkai star rail and 7DS grand cross has better gameplay and better events and specially equipment system, here the equipment system is a puzzle to solve which sucks . Although I love the anime and waiting for season 2.. I have play for 2 days and it's so addicting to watch your character level and bond increase. Also the voice acting on this game is really really immaculate. I hope they do a lot of collaboration with other anime and that would be really cool to have like character from another anime. Overall this game is 10/10 for me and definitely recommend for all you guys that really like RPG turn-based game and doesn't like open world game that makes you burnout .. After playing a few months i'm seeing some major issues. The draw function is awful spend days getting crystals to get tickets for 1 ten draw only to get 1 blue a bunch of green and this is third time in a row. It takes 200 draws to get a guaranteed and special draw events only last a few days Theres no weekly or monthly free 10 draw, it feels very pay to play heavy with limited resources the further you get. Squad functions are horrible that punish you for not having enough members. hacking is getting worse in pvp with enemies taking your turn or canceling youre lvl 2 ability even for no reason (your turn bar will be full and they'res will be empty) and dealing and taking half damage out of nowhere.. If you play, you'll know you can't have enough equipment equipped for all 3 to be done..

Graphic, story, playstyle all is good but please fix internet connection.. my internet is 5G but the game keep crashing.. fix it. I VERY LOVE IT!!THE QUALITY,THE STORY,THE PLOT, EVERYTHING!! IT'S VERY GOOD!!THIS GAME WAS VERY GOOD THO!!SINCE THIS IS MY FAV ANIME,THIS WILL BE MY FAV GAME TOO!!SORRY FOR MISUNDERSTANDING YOU BECAUSE THISSSSS PHONE IS TOO LAGGY. I really like this game but in the arena there is have some bug the victory point when i win it's not count it right example 1927 + 35 = 1952 this the bug that always happen to me I hope you can fix it.. Good but I keep glitching out,j don't know if it's because of my phone or the game,if it's the game,please I beg of you,fix it I can't claim my daily rewards because of this... (ToT).

Game won't let me log in giving me some issues and takes a year for to be fix please help. This game is Amazing.Graphics are great.Great animations.Please add free camera control while moving.Size is small.this game is one of the best.Thanks. This game starts off amazing. Then you realize what pvp is. The devs have decided to never balance the broken units like Julius (and I mean RIDICULOUSLY broken, you have no idea) so if you weren't a player when those mages were available then you simply will not EVER make it anywhere near the upper league in pvp which means you will earn much less premium currency. Seriously I didn't want Julius, but now I feel artificially held back because the devs won't balance the game. I will probably quit.. To be frank with you , I wanted this game to free figth game, that help fans to develop be the best with their efforts, may be like mha strongest hero.

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