BLOCKPOST MOBILE is an exciting first-person shooter for Android in which great shootouts with players from all over the world are waiting for you in the cubic world! BLOCKPOST Mobile is a dynamic first-person shooter with cube characters, which has collected all the most modern solutions and game modes, and the battles are as balanced as possible. Choose your character, equip yourself with the teeth, and fight against other players in multiplayer mode!

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In BLOCKPOST MOBILE, you will find a large arsenal of weapons and various upgrades. You can be a stalker who prefers to wander through forbidden areas, with poor communications and a weak phone, or a desperate warrior. Counterattack or defense – what tactics will lead to the team’s victory depends only on your zeal, teamwork, and the wheel of fortune. It’s time to check your ammo and prepare for a hot battle!

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Up to 10 players can join the battle simultaneously in teams of 5. The game has three modes, team play, sniper arena, and bomb mode. In the first mode, the game’s rules are pretty standard; the side with at least one player left alive wins. In the second mode, everyone is armed with a sniper rifle; in the third mode, it is necessary to blow up the enemy base. Earn points for victory, upgrade your character, and buy new equipment, ammo, and more advanced weapons.

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The shooter has no automatic fire mode, requiring considerable skill to get good battle results. In addition, the controls and vision can be adjusted by themselves so that everyone can find a more convenient version of the command panel. The graphics are simple and colorful, soh the game can run on almost any device.

How to Redeem Code for BLOCKPOST Mobile: PvP FPS

To redeem a gift code in BLOCKPOST Mobile: PvP FPS, follow these steps. First, open the game on your mobile device. Look for the "Settings" option and tap on it. In the settings menu, locate the "Redeem Code" option and select it. Enter the gift code provided to you and confirm. If the code is valid, you will receive the respective reward. Enjoy your gift and have fun playing BLOCKPOST Mobile: PvP FPS!

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