BombSquad is a fun multiplayer game where your task is to defeat your opponents using bombs, fists, and wits. There are three game modes for eight players. In co-op mode, you and your friends will fight against the computer.

Latest of Bomb Squad Redeem Codes

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Earn points and gifts to unlock upgrades and tournaments. Players are divided into two teams in team mode and compete in a series of games. You can also create your competition with any events. In the third mode, you will fight a duel.



How to Redeem Code for BombSquad

To redeem a gift code in BombSquad, open the game on your device. Tap on the settings icon and then select "Settings" from the menu. Scroll down and tap on "Enter Promo Code". Type in the gift code you have and tap on "Redeem". If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards or items. Enjoy your new gifts and have a blast in BombSquad!

List of BombSquad Codes

1. Code: BS123456 - This gift code grants you access to an exclusive BombSquad skin pack, featuring unique character skins and bomb designs to personalize your gameplay experience.

2. Code: EXPLOSION29 - Redeem this explosive gift code to unlock a special in-game power-up, allowing you to throw bombs with increased range and accuracy for a limited time.

3. Code: BLASTOFF2021 - Use this gift code to activate a temporary double XP boost, giving you the opportunity to level up faster and unlock new abilities in BombSquad.

4. Code: BOMBMASTERY - This gift code rewards you with a secret BombSquad strategy guide, filled with tips and tricks to become a master of bomb throwing and outwit your opponents in every match.

5. Code: PARTYMODE - Unlock the ultimate party experience in BombSquad with this gift code, which grants access to an exclusive game mode where players can compete in wild and wacky challenges.

6. Code: BOOMTIME - Redeem this gift code to instantly unlock a powerful mega-bomb, capable of dealing massive damage to your enemies and turning the tide of any BombSquad match.

7. Code: EXPLORENEWWORLDS - Activate this gift code to unlock a brand new map in BombSquad, featuring unique obstacles and strategic gameplay elements that will put your bomb-throwing skills to the test.

8. Code: FRIENDLYFIRE - Use this gift code to unlock a special multiplayer mode in BombSquad, where you and your friends can team up and compete against each other in friendly bomb battles.


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