Braveland Heroes is an excellent turn-based strategy game with classical mechanics. Here you will find yourself in a beautiful fantasy world where you can meet mystical creatures, dangerous dungeons filled with monsters, and secret treasures at every step. Choose your hero, rally your army, and help retrieve your kingdom’s stolen treasures! Braveland Heroes is an exciting turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, exciting adventures, and dangerous battles waiting for you!

Latest of Braveland Heroes Codes

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The Scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was stolen from the throne room. The kings summoned the most powerful heroes and offered a generous reward to whoever would bring him back. You decided to go in search of a royal relic. Develop tactics, control legions of heroes, and fight terrible bosses and other players worldwide! During the game, various allies will join your army: archers, knights, animals, and many others. Your path will pass through the ancient forest, southern lands, and high mountains. You will face orcs, ghosts, mysterious nomads, pirates, and enemies!

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After choosing the main character with different characteristics, recruit various units in your army ranks. Try to balance the team well, recruit mighty knights in impregnable armor, skillful bandits, talented magicians, and sharpshooters. Gradually explore a large open world, find precious treasures, and fight monsters and other players. As you progress, upgrade your protagonist, equip him with equipment, and increase the performance of the remaining soldiers.

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Each player can move around the map for a limited distance, after which you must pass moves to other participants. Battles are step-by-step, where all soldiers take turns attacking and fighting back when they take damage. The game has dozens of unique locations; you can visit the low steppes, green forests, and hot deserts. The exterior design is hand-made, creating a distinctive atmosphere unmatched by similar devices!

How to Redeem Code for Braveland Heroes

To redeem a gift code in Braveland Heroes, open the game and tap on your character avatar in the top left corner. Then, select the "Settings" menu and choose "Promo Codes." Enter the gift code in the provided field and tap "Confirm" to redeem it. Your reward will be added to your account immediately. Make sure to enter the code accurately to avoid any errors. Enjoy your gift and use it to enhance your gameplay experience in Braveland Heroes!

List of Braveland Heroes Codes

1. GIFT-HERO-9284WH: Enjoy 1000 gold and 10 summon tickets to strengthen your army in Braveland Heroes!
2. CODE-BRAVE-5893WK: Unlock a special hero and rare equipment set to aid you in your epic quests!
3. TOKEN-HERO-7382PL: Claim your exclusive gift of 500 gems and a powerful pet to accompany your brave warriors!
4. BRAVELAND-COIN-4829XP: Redeem this code for a generous supply of coins and valuable resources to fortify your stronghold!
5. HEROES-LEGACY-7261FR: Acquire rare relics and a bounty of experience points to elevate your heroes to legendary status!
6. GLORY-HEROES-3694KD: Snag a cache of glory tokens and rare artifacts to strengthen your party and ensure victory!
7. BRAVE-GIFTS-9352LM: Avail a complimentary package of premium items and buffs to fortify your champions against the forces of darkness!
8. SUMMON-HEROES-5823SN: Call forth powerful allies and mythical beasts with this code, to aid you in your noble quests across Braveland Heroes!


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