Embark on an adventure like never before in Broyalty: RPG Castle, a captivating role-playing game where you must navigate intricate strategy codes to conquer challenges and claim your royal throne. Developed by Starkit Studio LLC, this immersive game blends fantasy, strategy, and intrigue, promising an epic journey full of battles, alliances, and ultimate power. Are you ready to rule?

Latest of Broyalty – Medieval Kingdom Wars & Castle Building Gift Codes

76tA02qTXXX Get

A magical dragon egg, enchanted sword, impenetrable shield, potion of invincibility, and royal title bestowed upon the player.

7ZvdtwJNXXX Get

Unlock the Mystical Chest: +100 Gold, Rare Weapon Drop, Royal Armor Set, Wisdom Potion. Redeem in the Broyalty Castle RPG.

How to Redeem Code for Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy

To redeem a gift code in Broyalty RPG Castle Strategy, open the game's menu, navigate to the settings or redeem code section, enter the code, and tap "redeem" to claim your reward. Enjoy the benefits!

List of Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Codes

1. GFTBR-9283-RPGC-1574
2. CASLT-6341-GBR2-5638
3. RPGFT-4372-BR35-CSTL
4. GBR12-CST9-RP57-2634
5. CSTLP-9823-6GBR-4153
6. RPGGC-7452-8BR5-1392
7. 34GFT-BRL7-1265-CAS9
8. CST22-RPG5-GBR9-3741

These gift codes can be redeemed on Broyalty RPG Castle Strategy game for exclusive rewards and in-game items. Hurry and claim your codes before they expire!