NameBustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game
CategoryNew Game
Size150 MB
ReleaseMad Carnival Games
Bustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game APK
Bustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game MOD
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Bustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game

Bustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game is a mobile game where the objective is to bust as many rolls of toilet paper as possible within a given time limit. Players aim to swipe their fingers across the screen to quickly unravel and tear through the toilet paper. The game features various modes, including a time challenge and an endless mode, allowing gamers to compete for high scores. Players can unlock different toilet paper designs and power-ups to enhance their gameplay experience. Bustin’ – A Toilet Paper Game is a fun and entertaining game that tests players’ speed and agility while providing a unique and amusing concept related to the scarcity of toilet paper during certain periods.

Download ( V1.0 )

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