CASE: Animatronics – Horrors! is a video game where players take on the role of a detective trapped in a police department overrun by haunted animatronic monsters. Players must navigate through a dark and eerie environment, solving puzzles and avoiding the animatronics to survive. The game provides a spooky atmosphere and suspenseful gameplay, keeping players on edge as they uncover the secrets behind the haunting.

Latest of CASE: Animatronics – Horrors! Redeem Codes


Congratulations! You have unlocked the Fantasy Gift Reward! Choose from multiple rewards including: 1) A mythical companion that aids you in your battles, 2) A rare enchanted weapon for ultimate power, 3) An exclusive magical spell to unravel mysteries, or 4) A special customization option to flaunt your unique style in-game. Enjoy!


“Fantasy Coupon Reward: Unleash the Magic! Choose an enchanted item: a spellbook granting temporary invisibility, a potion for healing wounds, or a powerful staff for controlling animatronics. Redeem now!”

How to Redeem Code for CASE: Animatronics Horror game

To redeem a gift code in CASE: Animatronics Horror game, follow these steps. First, open the game on your device. Then, navigate to the settings or options menu. Look for a section that mentions "Promo Codes," "Gift Codes," or something similar. Tap on it. A text box should appear where you can enter the gift code. Type in the code accurately, ensuring there are no spaces or errors. Finally, hit the redeem or submit button, and the game should acknowledge the code and provide you with the associated rewards or bonuses. Enjoy playing CASE: Animatronics Horror game with your redeemed gift code!

List of CASE: Animatronics Horror game Codes

1. Code: ANIHA5JT - Unlocks a powerful flashlight with unlimited battery life, providing you with the ability to navigate through the dark and dangerous corridors of the game with ease.

2. Code: SCARE50OFF - Redeem this code to receive a 50% discount on all in-game purchases, allowing you to upgrade your character's abilities and equipment without breaking the bank.

3. Code: NIGHTMARE10 - Grants you access to an exclusive bonus level, where you will face even more terrifying animatronics and challenges, putting your survival skills to the ultimate test.

4. Code: LOCKPICKX2 - Receive two lockpicks, essential tools to unlock locked doors throughout the game, giving you access to hidden areas and valuable resources.

5. Code: SURVIVALPACK - Unlocks a survival pack containing health packs, extra ammunition, and other useful items that will greatly increase your chances of survival during intense battles.

6. Code: HIDDENMASK - Obtain a special mask that allows you to temporarily blend in with the animatronics, granting you the ability to move unnoticed and avoid detection.

7. Code: UPGRADE50 - Enjoy a 50% boost in your character's attributes, making you stronger, faster, and more resilient against enemy attacks.

8. Code: PANICMODE - Activate panic mode, which temporarily increases your character's speed and reflexes, giving you a significant advantage when trying to escape from dangerous situations.


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