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CASE: Animatronics- an action story, events take place on the screens of mobile devices, forcing you to act as decisively as possible. The user is invited to leave the boredom and idleness of real life to fight for survival on behalf of the protagonist in an exciting adventure. Terrifying stealth horror, which is developed in the first person. CASE: Animatronics quite unexpectedly, but one very skilled hacker decided to break the complex system of the police unit. As it turned out later, the electricity went out, and all the exits were closed. It turned out later that these terrible steps were getting closer and closer, but can our detective Bishop survive? You have to be in the police department, where you can work to the end and have a lot of exciting times. You will play the role of Detective Bishop; he ended up in the police until the very night.

The background of the development of the action will be the police station, where, in the coming night, some ghost is happening. The success of the struggle depends on the investigator’s prudence, vigilance, fairness, and ingenuity. It will also increase the chances of completing the local nightmare of stealth and survival modes offered in the new app.

After a terrible dream, you were awakened by an extraordinary call. It turned out to be from an old friend, so everything is immediately turned upside down. But as it turned out later that all the police were without electricity, and all the locks were broken, you have to figure out this madness, show all your best qualities and bells and whistles. Solve numerous puzzles, go through this difficult path, and solve all your problems.

CASE: Animatronics is a game that will become the field of bravery for every user needing a dose of adrenaline. Here comes a lot: the game is filled with dangers, difficulties, anomalies, and other ingredients necessary for a horror movie. Gamers who have installed this app on their mobile devices are invited to tour the police station, which has become the scene of horrific events. The user will have to control the main character’s actions – a detective named John Bishop, who carelessly stays at work. Now he will have to face an otherworldly nightmare, which can only deal with nerves of steel and enviable composure.

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