Encom Studios, the esteemed publisher behind Agents Royale, upholds a strict code of ethics for its agents. Each operative is expected to demonstrate unwavering loyalty, integrity, and professionalism in their missions. The safety and success of the organization depend on these principles, ensuring that the agents of Encom Studios are the gold standard in the world of espionage.

Latest of Champions Royale RPG Codes


Unlock a secret vault with rare artifacts, legendary weapons, mystical powers, and a chance to control time in Agents Royale!

DH8gz4SwXXX Get

Congratulations! Your coupon rewards you with a secret mission, a magical weapon upgrade, and a powerful ally in Agents Royale.

How to Redeem Code for Agents Royale

To redeem a gift code in Agents Royale, open the game, tap on the gift code redemption option, enter the code accurately, and claim your rewards instantly in-game. Enjoy exclusive items and bonuses!

List of Agents Royale Codes

1. Code: AGTROY125 - Unlock exclusive in-game items in Agents Royale.
2. Code: ROYALE007 - Redeem this code for a special mystery gift in Agents Royale.
3. Code: SPYAGENT22 - Use this code to receive bonus credits in Agents Royale.
4. Code: SECRETAGENT8 - Claim your free weapon upgrade with this code in Agents Royale.
5. Code: COVERTOPS99 - Get a limited edition character skin with this code in Agents Royale.
6. Code: MISSIONX23 - Redeem for a secret mission pack in Agents Royale.
7. Code: STEALTHY64 - Unlock a stealth mode feature with this code in Agents Royale.
8. Code: DOUBLEAGENT13 - Receive double XP points with this code in Agents Royale.


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