NameCitampi Stories
ReleaseIkan Asin Production

An exciting adventure with beautiful girls. Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG invites us to try the challenges of a romantic story. Will you be able to decide on the offer of one of them to marry you so that she becomes the most beautiful bride, real wife, and mother? Your hero has moved to Chitampi to pay off your parents’ debts. But in the end, you will be able to find much more here than you could imagine before. Take part in a romantic story, and experience the possibilities of an anime game that is made in the style of pixel art. Try to find unusual robots, grow fruits on your farm, discover new items, treasures, and much more. Go through fascinating life stories made by hand and improve your family life. Buy home food, clothes, outfits, and everything useful.

Citampi Stories MOD

Pas mancing dapet besi tua, tapi pas di cek di tas sama di lemari ga ada besi tuanya:( padahal butuh mau bikin plat baja. I have played this game and in week 64 and having fun playing it. It's a unique game but it's getting harder to play.we can't even get items we need from trash cans such as gears and other items which is the only problem in the game for me.....I'd be happy to play it again if these item were easy to find.Plus the new update where the food spoils sucks.. Ini kenapa gak bsa di pencet start new game nyaaa udah bolak balik unistal tetep sama, udah coba hp beda sama juga. Geme to get a good a half hour to work out the door to you tomorrow morning love it to work on it to see what happens next week should work out 1 2 3 to work for you tomorrow morning love you so much I can do that I can get y y y t shirt dress with that one I can get y to work on it to get to you a lot I can get y y t shirt dress a good day today to work on it ok to work on Tuesday Omaha NE yo I will get you t t t shirt design for you a lot of money to you tomorrow at the other place a hal. Haven't play this game for a while! Can we connect account to load savegame/purchases? Oh and don't sell information about stuff, easy to manipulate! Sell in game resource? Such as tool, or clothes? Easy to manipulate! Sell add on content! Such as dlc! Expandable story! Etc.. anyway this is a great game. Oh and thanks to this game, i can say to my friends that i'm married. So, can we have female protagonist and male harem?.

Citampi Stories APK

This game is great I was so surprised when the food started to rot 577 of my food got rot but i was so happy when i find out that if you try to cook your food like put 3 red eggs in the slots and then take out turn back green this is why i love this game so much. Hi! I have two problem with the new update,first,the food items that can go stale,second, the refrigerator that hold the 100 food is so expensive! If you want to make the food go to stale,then make the refrigerator cheaper! Its so frustating especially for people who doesn't want to topup! Please make it cheaper like only 40 coupons:(. 5 stars aren't enough to rate this game. We need more. Also, Citampi Stories team, take all my money as y'all please.. Ive played this game before on a different device and its good l, i have to give this a 1 star rating because i cant start a new game. I just downloaded this game on a new device but it wont let me start up a new game let alone load a past game. Please fix this devs..

Citampi Stories APK

I have a few suggestions 1. Weather 2. Food market 3. Festivals 4. Related to 3 update Callender like there should be a mark of what festival is gonna happen in a few months 5. Seasons like there is already a santa Claus outfit so why not add that That's all I'll be happy if there is atleast one of those things on your update Edit: my progress are gone like 0 the only thing left is new game?? And the buttons I press doesn't work . Its a fun game, played it before. I decided to download it again and even download "play games" to restore my saved file. But when I try to click the start new game it wont click. Tried uninstalling and installing it again but wont work. Please fix this issue. Would love to play this game again.. Hi, so I have a problem. Whenever I try to start a new game it doesn't let me. I even tried deleting the game and installing it again but it won't work.. Saya suka main game ini. Sudah instal dari awal muncul di ps. Tapi hari ini update terbarunya malah ga bisa masuk game Mungkin masih ada bug nya.

Citampi Stories APK

I've stop myself from playing this game for more then 10 hours per day I've been addicted to this game for too far oohhhh yeah can you guys add achievement something like addicted achievement XD or something. I love this game but I'd like to suggest few things that could be worked on 1) it'd be great if you can create an outfit that'd make it easier to catch fish (some fish like bullhead fish is just too hard to catch) 2) make a feature where if someone got an item during fishing, they are not required to also catch the fish in order to get that item (pleaseee) I really love this game and in fact, it's the best mobile game I've come across & hopefully you'll take my recommendation in consideration. Game ini saya main dari 2019 dan jadi game kesayangan. Ujung-ujungnya bakalan main game ini lagi. Aku terharu dengan semua update yang kalian buat. Ini salah satu game Indonesia terbaik sepanjang masa. Semangat terus ikan asin dan crews!. This is really a awesome game! I came back to the game and see that it improve a lot more, the stories, challage etc.. I really recommend it!.

LOVE THIS GAME! I've played it before and I just reinstalled it now. Please add more and more! P. S. Wish I can date them all hahaha. I have been playing these around the year 2022 it had changed a lot and the places that was once locked are now opened and hopefully we will get more great updates and there aren't many ads but i will gladly watch them to support you. the game is fun, been playing this game since 2018, i hoping they will create another game like this and im looking forward to it. dari 2022 sampai skrng masih suka sama ni game krna bagus bangettt!!!! ditunggu katanya vers cewe ya?? DITUNGGU YAA DEVELOPER BAIK HATII.

Please developer listen, I like everything about this game, keep me playing for hours and I even told my siblings to play this game. Just one more thing, I wish we could gift other people or leave the goods while we visit their apartment. I feel so bad when I see my sibling struggling for the items they unable to find.. I really enjoyed this games I love the graphics, the gameplay and everything but i wish there could be a gender swap like a female verison of the game. Sudah main sampe punya anak dan kamar anaknya jadi tapi setelah update ga bisa load game, padahal sudah connect google play games dan di game tertulis online save connected: 3 . Can akins asin add fetilizer to the game it will improve the game so much mr.tatang should sell them for 50 coupons pppppllllsssss it's been hard growing plants.

I apologize for the inconveniences I've created. I was young back then i dont understand the concept of this game, here today now im old I'll make a proper review of this game.. Its a decent game with decent plotlines. I've tried every route and i was astounded by the grind and the art style that your from ikans dev created. As far as in recommending it i would 99% recommend to those who like wholesome story and cute artsy. Though some of the characters looks too young to be a heroin in my opini. This game is very bad because this game cannot save offline saves if this game is deleted please allow this game to be able to save offline saves if it is accidentally deleted I really I'm very hurt, my efforts have been in vain because the offline save has disappeared, please fix it. Broo i swear I just remember the background song of this game and i tried to find it until i did ITS LIKE NOSTALGIA and Making me remember anything when i started installing it which is December 30 7:09 before new year in 2020 AAAAAAAAA!!. BEST LIFE RPG EVER!! ga nyangka ada game dari Indonesia sebagus dan se kompleks ini fiturnya, storynya juga seru makin ga sabar buat nunggu next update dari game ini. semangat terus dev buat kembangin game nyaa!.

i love how the game has so many goals into it like a new place to go and more work outside citampi, but my suggestion is to make the map bigger and let u customize your own character. I very love this game but I got a problem the reason I rate this game 4 star because every time I enter to house or ther building the screen turn into black and now I'm stuck on black screen I waited for 17 minutes but still black screen but the music of the game is still going, I hope you fix this problem. Good game I love it accept is to many ad's I wish is only ad's appear in 15 minutes that way young players won't hate it. I will never uninstall these. And all so there's a glitch that you can duplicate money don't worries I won't abuse it, maybe. And last do you know why these is 5 star because i love story games.. Gamenya udah bagus, bagus banget. Tapi saran saya untuk update kedepannya mungkin bisa dibuatkan chapter 2 kalau nggak mungkin bisa ditambahkan fitur baru lagi seperti online game, add friend, dll.

I love this game, i purchased No ADS to play this game without bothering me, i hope for the next update where we can visit to our mom and dad and help them to improve their life (house, money, business) thank you. I'm supporting this game since day 1 .. Please make a female versionIt would be so much fun! Anyways, this game is really fun, very very fun. HELLO I ACCIDENTALLY SAVE THE NEW GAME IN MY OLD SAVED GAME WHEREIN I LOST ALL MY DATA,HOW CAN I RETRIVE MY OLD SAVE GAME? I ALREADY PURCHASED A LOT OF COUPONS THERE,PLEASE HELP ME TEAM... Gokill baru kali ini gw rela ngeluarin pulsa buat belian segala tntg game ini ahaha... Seruuu gamenya, semoga terus berkembang & makin banyak keseruan di dalamnya yaak !!! .

Okay so I don't want to spoil everyone who's not playing this game but MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Elder Sen woow I was speechless when I heard he was de*d men imas was so sad fr GOOD GAME I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE THANK YOU DEVELOPER. The Heck? I've been Finding This game for years and now I had a time To play this gre story/plot good characters but there's some bad things here like stuff were expensive you need to guest what they wanted but most of all the house is so expensive and how to have a children! Givin' ya a 4 Stars. The game is actually fun but you need to change the character from a guy to a lady so you can marry the gym guy and the video guy and other males in citampi are there aren't they You guys can add ladies and gentlemen in the game and open more locations it's not becoming more interesting to play Please add more updates. Thank you so much for creating this game. Love it! Definitely will add this to my most favorite simulation games! More games like this please and keep updating .

I usually never leave a rating on a game but this game deserves it and more. I loooove it best game ever . Bang dev tolong saya untuk buat bengkel ama garasi susah bangettolong saya bang dev saya bagi bintang 5 dah dan 200 kupon plss dan koin yang banyak pls. A lovely game that I really like! Just being goodman and not like shooting game or something just for see your crush.. I like this game UwU. Pros: Great character art, nice sound track, interesting mechanics/npc's Cons: Grindy, Repetitive Notes: The game has some minor grammar issues/spelling errors (ex: Windy instead of Wendy) in the english language mode, RNG with the recycling/fishing can be irritating at times..

please make it so the debt can be cleared, the sense of urgency when collecting money for only debt is annoying. Best game ever i wish there were more places to go too and more shops just more places in general overall this is an amazing game. please, please give us divorce update and when you marry a muslim girl you can marry another girl too, please. For the past years of me playing this game, this game surely improved a lot. I was just hooked up with this game since it's pandemic back then and there's nothing much to play, but what pushed me to play this game longer is the online save. The progress is also unaffected much by being online or rather offline. I kept playing up till now and to be honest through this updates? I would play this for my entire life! So please keep improving and not to drop this game whatever the circumstances is..

Nice game. But I want more like opening own shop like (fish shop,food shop,art shop). Son and wife open shop.. Bug parah, habis beli kupon tiba-tiba black screen. Kupon tidak tersimpan tapi uang nggak balik... gimana nih tanggung jawab dev nya. I re-insttall the game, It really improves a lot. So many characters and areas! It's just that everytime I'm going to the other area it will always show ads, that's a little annoying but all in all it's still the best! I just hope you fix some bugs. I can't seem to go inside the Arcade. It's just black screen for me. I have no choice but to reload the game and I have to restart the day again. :((. Habis update yang baru kenapa pas masuk kondominium dan temzone nya layar blank jadi gelap sangat lama ga bisa lanjut permainan nya lagi?.

Pleasee abis update kok banyak sekali sampah adsnya, setelah itu stuck jadi black screen sepertinya bagusan tidak upsate dulu deh. Gamenya jujur bagus, tapi rada kesel juga udah beli bundle paling mahal yang katanya no ads, tetep aja ada adsnya, mana lama yang 30 detik lebih. sempat bermasalah sama bundle 3 dan save game di slot 2,3 ga ter deteksi, bug bundle 3 dan save game fixed setelah new game dan saat mau save game, slot 2-4 terbaca lagi jadi bisa di load lagi dan semua fitur bundle 3 juga sudah bisa. Edit: They've actually done what I said. They made the baby grow up, More dateable characters, and more areas! I've changed my 4 stars to 5 stars!!!.

I really love this game the graphics and characters are okay,but I suggest to have a girl version of the main character so I can enjoy it more.. Already buy the bundle, save the game, just to know that my save is gone and I have to buy everything from the start again. No words to describe. Can't give enough stars. It's the best life simulator you can have. So much to explore, know and just everything. edit:- This new update about Imas, something is wrong it shows update everytime I do it but doesn't apply in-game. The death scene plays but nothing happens in the story. It says to take further relations you need to be married and be a permanent resident. fix this pls.. It's a great game it really is, I enjoy it and I play it in my free time often I just have a couple critiques. 1) When you marry I find it odd that your spouse just quits their job and just stands at the kitchen counter all day. I think it'd be something cool if you could implement the spouse having hobbies or doing things during the day 2) I also hate how you can't customize your look or gender I hope you can expand the player being a female and the love interests being male in the future <3.

hah pen banget nikah sama imas atau mpok lela , ayo dev update dong bosen nih cewenya itu2 aja sama please biarkan saya memilih wanita lebih dari satu , atau bisa ada fitur cerai dong dev , ane slalu support buat gunain iapnya jdi plis tolong pertimbangin ya dev . I have been in problem because i can't move my character at map 4 after I buy the motorcycle from bundle before i trigger the tutorial on how to use transportation. Please help me deal with this problem.. Ang masasabi ko lang buti nahanap ko ulit to. Hirap niya hanapin jusko haha BUT I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!! . Bug di apartemen nya masih ada. Setiap ngecek kesana, lukisan yang tadinya ditembok jadi gak nempel di posisinya. Udah dibenerin dan selalu terjadi lagi. Belaku buat sesuatu yang bisa menempel ditembok. Dan posisi buat ngedit apartemen juga harus sesuai dengan posisi yang tepat, kalau enggak bagian yang mau di edit gak terlalu terlihat di layar handphone. Jadi males ngecek apartemen lagi. Jadi yaudah, gak pernah dateng kesana lagi. Saya harap juga selanjutnya ada quest yang lebih menarik..

Gamenya asik, update terus & masukan aja pgn gesture tubuh karakter nya mgkn ga cuma 1 sesuai dengan jenis dialog gitu kli ya, soalnya gimana gitu liat jessica yang selalu ngangkat ketek kapan aja atau nissa yang tangan nya ke pinggang terus so far asik sih mainnya Terus support dengan download, mainkan, dan top up, harganya ramah di kantong sesuai player" lokal ber gaji UMR . I absolutely love the game yes they're are tons of ads but they need to make money some how and its extremely cheep to get rid of the ads however i got really far but the phone I was playing on is dying so i got it on my new phone but i can't figure out how to get it to change to that account so i don't lose all my progress. I love this game and I've been playing it for 2 years now, I really enjoy it but can you add an option where you can save your game without having to get to your house first, and also an easier way to get coupons thanks . This is an amazing game! I hope you guys make more games like this. I hope you make a girl version of this game, if you do, I would love that! But my only problem was after the update, the game that I saved was lost and I lost everything but it's alright. I just hope you guys make a girl version for this..

Update: I love the update. But still wish there was a female Mc. See if the gameplay would be different with the female version also a different storyline for would be nice.(Dating, pregnancy & raising a kid) I also wish that their was an option to let the wives continue their old job Or add more different jobs like doctor, etc. More dress/outfit for the spouse & kid.(also fir MC) Seasons/weather. Different houses? Likw can have ahouse in different area or change the interior? More quest. Etc. I wish you can do more huge city and easy to get other materials and most of all you can do harem if you want.. Game nya menarik tapi kontrol nya ribet. Mungkin bisa ditambah pakai tombol a/b, semacam sperti tombol x dan segitiga. Kalau bisa ada pilihan mau pakai touch screen atau tombol. Gaawd...this game is so damn good...I have some features I'd like you to add,like going to see your wife's parents, going out of the town, having another child, going to see your family,divorce, watching tv and having options to talk to's gonna be damn cool....I love this game Thank you creator of this game...I love you don't forget to add a bus station too And high school and options to change wives I want to marry sandra.

I've been playing this game for 6 months now and I want to tell you guys that this game is amazing, but I've been wondering if you guys will make a girl version of this game?. I love this game so much,I was having issue with my phone so I saved the games stories with the online game app was installed and erased and I couldn't find my online save and the normal save anymore....I thought the online save would be undeleteable but all the levels I saved are gone .

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