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1. Code: DRAGONSLAYER - Reward: 20% off your next purchase of magical weaponry.
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3. Code: WIZARD25 - Reward: 25% off a spellbook or potion kit.
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5. Code: ELVEN30 - Reward: 30% off elven-themed apparel.
6. Code: MERMAID15 - Reward: $15 off a beautiful mermaid tail.
7. Code: DWARVEN20 - Reward: 20% off a set of dwarven ale mugs.
8. Code: PHOENIX25 - Reward: 25% off a phoenix feather wand.
9. Code: ENCHANTEDBOOKS - Reward: Buy one book, get one free on all enchanted books.
10. Code: ORC20 - Reward: 20% off any orc barbarian armor set.

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