NameCompany of Heroes
ReleaseFeral Interactive

Before stepping into this all-out warfare between nations, you will wish to know some issues relating to the precise gameplay. So, take a second to undergo all the options supplied in Firm of Heroes. No want to fret; if you wish to leap straight to the obtain, you may study everything. You can begin taking part without primary data and become knowledgeable in minutes. At this stage, understanding the options will carry you nearer to mastering the sport.

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Edited: I first gave 3 stars because it had a bug when opening the game on the fold but was only once and i jumped to conclusions too fast. I will give 4 stars because the controls are a little strange at first. Otherwise a nice experience.. Absolutely amazing, lags a tiny bit mainly because I used console commands to get 30 panzer werfers, but otherwise it's so much fun.. Guys if u are a world War lover u all can try it because I can't explain just try it. I had to update review to 2 stars, the screen is completely black at the start of the mission "carentan counterattack", I reinstalled the game but still it's black. Sadly I had to request a refund.. One of the best RTS on PC coming to mobile as a paid mobile game, worth every penny including the DLCs. Smooth gameplay on my ROG Phone 7 (16GB/512GB, Storm White), 5 overall! .

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My DLC always deleted/gone on it's own so i had to redownload it and the game always ask for update even though i already installed the newest version of the game. Been playing this game for over a decade & im glad its on mobile but its not complete without multiplayer & the operation mode. Thanks for lowering the price now I can enjoy this RTS game. Can you add maps to this game. Please.. Im hoping for an online skirmish, i would love to grind while playing with other players. for now on i would will give this 5 stars, but please put a online skirmish so it would be addicting.

Company of Heroes APK

The game itself is magnificent and the preferences of itself. How ever the HUD in the game can you fix it? Sometimes people want to see the game clear with a small hud. It's like watching a movie with ads in it. Hope the dev adjust the HUD for the android and iphone version and not compare it to the screen in pc.. This game exceeds the expectations that I ever thought I could have for a game. Bravo and Encore to all involved. Please do not stop, do the other games plz. You should all be proud of yourselves for delivering such a Gem of intellect, precision, and dedication, not to mention nostalgia.. I don't like knocking someone else's hard work. ButI was expecting more of a classic RTS style game. The fact that I can't zoom out drives me nuts, I can't get a general sense of direction of the map. idk I've gone through the tutorials, played for a few days now and I just don't get it. I feel like this could be a GREAT game! But will need major Improvements.. Great game! Just like the PC version. A little more difficult with touch screen, but you get used to the controls..

Company of Heroes APK

So far I'm loving it and very impressed. It's a brilliant port to mobile. Controls take a bit of getting used to but I find the desktop control layout works easier than the wheel layout. I played this on pc a few years ago and now am able to play it on mobile. I have purchased both DLC's as they are fairly priced. I have not discovered anything that annoys me yet. If your a strategy fan this tops all on mobile. Thank you devs. I hope to see more work and progress on this brilliant realise still. Thx for bringing this game to android. It have same experience as PC version and with purchasable DLC too. Gameplay is smooth and perfect for android with control movement like PC.Graphic and sound not bad too. It's very valuable for my collections.. Game doesn't work for my device I need a refund I can't play either it gets me back in my home screen. work almost perfect for my Vivo v27 5g. and i need more higher graphics. It looks like low graphics for me..

I've only played for a short bit and want to play more. One complaint is the visuals are really glitchy. Please fix so I can better enjoy this cool game.. Great game, but there's one issue. I bought the opposing front dlc but it keeps on saying payment unsuccessful. And when i reopen the game, it says item already owned and also said download failed.. Still one of the best RTS around! I had played this game since the release of COH 1 on PC, Ive always enjoyed playing campaign and skirmish and since they made a CP version, I could play it everywhere I go. Hope devs update a new maps and missions to the game as I already bought the two DLC available on the game. Hope they continue to support this franchise.. Only issue with the game is controls, sometimes you'll go to move the camera and accidently grenade your own units, or you might try moving a squad behind cover only for the to stand in front of it and get hit with a dozen bullets, besides that good game.

Good game I like offline war game like this..I like company of heroes 2 play on this game. Nice game! Always happy to relive my experiences with this game now on my phone. Also, thanks to the support team for listening to my request!. The game is exceptional. I may want to buy another device with a larger screen. You might want to modify the option selection for the unit, having difficulties in navigating and selecting options. It's much better, I guess if the screen controls are somewhat "tap-hold-drag," then a set of options will show.. Nevertheless, I love the game.. Insanely impressive port. Had a few strange graphic problems like the rain turning white and covering the screen completely so I couldn't see.or covering the screen but after deleting game and all files and re download it worked fine ever since. If they are porting big games like this onto phone I can't wait to see what's next. Used to need a computer to play a game like this. And now it's in the palm of your hands..

the controls are mess the UI is bigger than what you see just make a buttons to touch like in MMORG type of UI don't cover the whole screen with one big box of everything. It's a nice game but crashes often on the S23 Ultra even. Even with a bigger phone screen, the s pen makes it easier to pinpoint exactly what units and where you are marking them to go or do.. I think it's a well thought out game. I thoroughly enjoy the in-depth interactive versatility. There of plenty of options available to you. Great game for those who loves offline RTS games especially for those not at home, but the game's optimization is really terrible..

Nice game and graphics, i played this is pc when i was Young but since its in playstore i can play it wherever I go.. price is fair. I really love it. Love the game, years ago play on PC, but controls on phone are bit difficult to play, hoping they fix the problem with controlling your troops, some don't respond move different location. Could only play once but when I try to get back into the game it keeps crashing and I can't play it again the time I did get to play it's fun but given it crashes over and over again I'll have to put a 1 star on it because of repeative crashes. Very Nice game! Its compatible to my cp. Very convenient, i can play were ever i am. Hope you continue a lot of update soon!!.

GIVE MY MONEY BACK THIS GAME IS SHORT ASF AND DON'T BARELY WORK ON MY PIXEL 3 XL CANT HOLD MONEY FROM ME WHEN UR GAME DONT WORK THTS LAWS GIVE REFUND OR ELSE. Why My DLC Data Gone For No Reason, I Keep Download It Again And Again. If I Didn't Open The Game For a While, The DLC Data Will Gone. Please Fix This Bug.. The best mobile game I've ever played! Amazing on my 10 inch tablet, might be rather hard to play on a smaller phone, though. Every single DLC is worth it too. I've sunk hours into this game bouncing between the OG campaign and DLC campaigns.. There is a weird bug that sometimes when i save my game it shows the vire river valley map instead of the real one and Whenever i load it up i will be in the allies team despite playing the axis before saving the game it also reset the points during victory point control it become 500 whether you pick 1000 500 or 250 there is also a bug that sometimes when i restart the game it turn into the vire river valley but playing as allies American Thats all i can sayabout the bug but i love the game.

Good game adaptation and nearly close from the pc. Wish some UI improvements and command "gesture" enhancement. I hope "RELIC" join on this mobile gaming, And waiting for COH2 soon.. Frustrating controls. So much potential but hindered by how easy it is to unknowingly select additional squads and completely detail any activities you might have elsewhere. So you spend way too much time either correcting these issues or turning the game into a save/load simulator. Might be easier on a tablet.. Thisbgame nostalgia i play this game when i was kid i really like it hope the dev leave some view about my comment thanks. All goods it's like I'm playing on pc with utra settings But pls fix the glitch when I'm diselecting a squad unit, sometime's it do not function properly, I need to quit on field, save then reload again. Also when the multiplayer will be available? We paid the game and we only get a single player game although on pc it have both single and multiplayer... When? Are you still working on it? I want to play this game with my nephew pls make it happen it's been almost 2 yrs now .

I really love playing this game seens i played it for the first time and the campaigns but there's one problem is when i didnt play this game for a 1 week and i open it it resets all my missions except 1 and i have to download them again and do the missions again...pls if you see this message pls Devs fix this bug or glitch.. Hi Feral, COH runs fine in my phone INFINIX NOTE12 G96, no lags ect.. but why i cant tick the shadow on? Please give me option to on/off shadows. Same with MEDIEVAL2, I am happy you finally add my device but no toggle for shadow on/off Thanks, hoping for more feral games.. I was hesitant at first because of the price, but I absolutely love this game. It's exactly like the PC version. There is no controller support, but the touch screen makes playing it easy to adapt.. Fix squds unable to edit building after loading save from menu and mortar half tracks glitched on forever fire mode too.

Finished the game on PC 10 times, here are too many bugs the worst one when man power wont increase at all it stands at 0+ even if i have all territories captured.... This is amazing! Best RTS game for mobile. I hope in the future that they'll have multiplayer mode on this game if you want to play with your friends. And I would like to suggest to have a graphic settings so we can adjust the graphics from low to high. Overall, it is a very good game.. Absolute con of the highest order. Pay 9.99 and when you open game all, ALL campaigns are locked bar one!! They then want a further 2.99 to unlock each campaign. Absolutely disgusting expect to pay a further 19.99 to unlock everything......absolute scammers EDIT TO DELVELOPERS RESPONCE paying 10 to then open the game and see loads of in app purchases for each campaign passed me off!! It is what it is. I'm used to buying premium mobile games and getting the whole package, this threw me. Coming from the PC version, this is great. It will work best on a big screen but it is the full game. Really well done and worth the money.

I'm an old fan and used to play it on PC endlessly, i bought it as soon as it got released for android. I've been very satisfied with it until it started having issues a week ago. It's stuck at 'synchronising save files' and won't start. Other than that i found bugs while playing as the brits and in the brits campaign itself. I'm waiting to give it 5 stars when the issue gets resovled.. Excellent time waster. I have played this game for many years. It is a fantastic WW2 RTS. It is highly addictive and looks and plays fantastic on my samsung tablet. Great for long drives or flights.. So excited this is moble. Just finished the DDay drop first mission. Awesome! No sound though will restart and happily play for many years . Perfect classic game. As any other port of a great game, controls are finicky,and almost bad, it takes some time to play in. But overall it's perfect. Great classic strategy game, right in your pocket,i wish this was an option, the day game was released :D. All the content from the original game is there, all the campaigns and story, are in place. Definetly playable, and definetly 100 tiers higher than any modern mobile game!.

The game is very good but you guys need to fix the game saved data sometimes we just loose the data. I downloaded up to tales of valor. Wonderful game. Wow, just wow. I used to play this game when I was 15. It feel so good to play this game again. I am waiting for company of heroes 2 now. In mobile the scroll option on thumb feels so nice. The only thing I had problem was with the cut scenes ( because sometimes my finger touch the screen and it's skipped) there should be a confirmation window for that. Rest is all good.. Its a good game and feral support is amazing you get alot for your money. Some players find the controls a pain but you can zoom in to control the battlefield, use groups or swipe the bottom bar also for control, iv had no issues on my s22+, also there are advanced options to change size of icons, double tap to move etc, and it's only crashed once on me in 6 months I think. The Ai does cheat, but its mainly just resource boost, all in all, it's worth the cash and the 5 stars. Great game enjoying the campaign if you whant a build base strategy or a good story this id the one I just purchased both docs and there are the best I can't believe this is on mobile this should be on the oculas quest 2 now that would be cool.

Still one of the best games I have ever played. I literally bought the mobile app just to support the developers further, and I'm not disappointed. Best Real time strategy game ever made on PC as well as mobile. Just waiting for multiplayer version to come in market asap. Hope work is going on .. More bugs than a Bethesda game!! I can only beat the first campaign because none of the other campaigns will save my progress, been this way for months and uninstalling the game numerous times has done nothing. Definitely not worth the aggravation or time wasted due to zero progress being saved. If I could give this game a zero I definitely would because other people have had this same problem for years now... I uninstalled the game and will not reinstall, your help is worthless Feral.

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