Court of Darkness is a thrilling otome game from Voltage, Inc. that immerses players in a world of mystery and intrigue. As players navigate through the court’s political landscape, they must adhere to the codes of conduct to survive and thrive. By unraveling secrets, forming alliances, and making difficult choices, players can uncover the truth and unlock the game’s hidden potentials.

Latest of Court of Darkness Redeem Codes

Si83Bh7bXXX Get

Unleash the Mystic Garden: receive a magical familiar, enchanted armor, and a hidden artifact within the Court of Darkness.


1. 50% off on your next summoning ritual
2. Free upgrade to a rare demon pet
3. Special access to exclusive hidden quests

How to Redeem Code for Court of Darkness

To redeem a gift code in Court of Darkness, open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code accurately, and confirm to claim your rewards and benefits. Enjoy!

List of Court of Darkness Codes

1. Code: CoD12345GiftA - Unlock a special outfit for your character in Court of Darkness.
2. Code: CoD67890GiftB - Receive a powerful weapon to aid you in your battles in Court of Darkness.
3. Code: CoD246810GiftC - Get a rare and valuable item to enhance your gameplay experience in Court of Darkness.
4. Code: CoD111213GiftD - Access exclusive in-game currency to purchase premium items in Court of Darkness.
5. Code: CoD141516GiftE - Enjoy a boost to your character's stats for improved performance in Court of Darkness.
6. Code: CoD171819GiftF - Acquire a unique pet companion to accompany you on your adventures in Court of Darkness.
7. Code: CoD202122GiftG - Unlock a secret quest line with hidden rewards in Court of Darkness.
8. Code: CoD232425GiftH - Receive a special gift box containing random rewards to surprise you in Court of Darkness.