Cousins Maine Lobster is a food truck and restaurant chain known for their fresh and delicious lobster dishes. They offer a variety of lobster-based items, including rolls, tacos, and bisque. Cousins Maine Lobster has gained popularity and expanded with locations across the United States.

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1. Code: MERMAID15 – Get 15% off on all mermaid-inspired lobster dishes
2. Code: DRAGON20 – Enjoy 20% off when you order the fiery Dragon Tail Lobster Roll
3. Code: UNICORN10 – Receive 10% off on your purchase of the mystical Unicorn Lobster Roll
4. Code: FAIRYTALE25 – Avail 25% off on a fairytale feast of lobster rolls and sides
5. Code: WIZARD30 – Unlock a magical discount of 30% on the Wizard's Lobster Platter
6. Code: ELF5 – Get an extra 5% off on a delightful spread of elf-sized lobster bites
7. Code: PHOENIX50 – Enjoy a whopping 50% off on the legendary Phoenix Lobster Combo
8. Code: MAGIC20 – Cast a spell and save 20% on your next mystical lobster meal
9. Code: ENCHANTED12 – Receive a 12% discount on all enchanted lobster creations
10. Code: MYTHICAL8 – Save 8% on your order of any mythical lobster dish
11. Code: KNIGHT10 – Protect your wallet and get 10% off on the Knight's Lobster Feast
12. Code: TROLLS15 – Battle hunger with 15% off on the Trolls' Lobster Tower for a limited time

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