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Cut the Rope: Magic

The Magical Sequel: Cut the Rope: Magic

After 960 million downloads, the magical sequel is out!

Introduction to Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic – a game loved by many about a cute and cute monster, is glad to present a magical sequel. Now, you have the opportunity to turn Om Nom into different creatures to help him return the sweets that the evil sorcerer stole.

New Features in Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic gives the player new options:

  • A unique world of magic with bright graphics and music;
  • Six types of reincarnations are available to the player;
  • Even more vicious and insidious boss. To defeat him, demonstrate all the skill of cutting the ropes;
  • Over 150 levels are already available for the game.

Om Nom’s Adventure in the World of Magic

Om Nom got into the world of magic, in which there are even more exciting puzzles. Now, the monster has a number of new skills. Use them to get the candy back and defeat the wizard.

In Cut the Rope: Magic, Om Nom can transform into different creatures. Having become a bird, he will fly over the traps. Transforming into a fish will allow you to swim for sweets. And reincarnated as a mouse, Om Nom will smell sweetness a mile away. Choose any of the six available transformations and collect sweets. The game will appeal to people of different age categories because of the rich gameplay.

Download ( V1.24.1 )