Darkrise is an action RPG made in the nostalgic pixel style of classic platform games, where you have to choose one of the heroes and go to protect your homeland from demons and other undead. Explore different locations, clear them of enemies, collect equipment, and increase your strength!

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Before starting the game, you need to choose one of the three presented heroes of different classes – a mage, a fighter, and a shooter, to come up with a name and then go to the playing field. The game occurs in a once-prosperous world captured by the forces of darkness, various undead, and demons. You need to clear all locations from them and restore order on Earth. Enemies can appear randomly, and each of them will have unique abilities and powers.


There are as many as six difficulty levels and more than 20 locations to be explored. The hero of your choice can also be pumped and gradually improved by collecting a complete set of equipment to make him more powerful. The controls are pretty standard for platformers, and the fights are epic and dynamic due to camera shake, animations, and special effects;

How to Redeem Code for Darkrise - Pixel Action RPG

To redeem a gift code in Darkrise - Pixel Action RPG, follow these steps. Open the game and navigate to the main menu. Look for the "Settings" option and click on it. Scroll down and select "Gift Code". Enter the gift code provided to you and click "Redeem". A pop-up message will confirm the successful redemption. Enjoy your rewards and use them to enhance your gaming experience in Darkrise - Pixel Action RPG. Have fun playing!

List of Darkrise - Pixel Action RPG Codes

1. Gift Code: DRPKRD12 - Unleash the power within! This gift code grants you a powerful weapon, the Phoenix Dagger, that ignites your enemies ablaze with every strike.

2. Gift Code: DRGLDW33 - Fortune favors the bold! Use this gift code to claim a rare Golden Armor set, enhancing your defense and turning you into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

3. Gift Code: DRSKLL67 - Embrace darkness and mastery! Redeem this gift code to unlock the Shadowmaster's Cloak, granting you heightened stealth and critical strike chance.

4. Gift Code: DRXPRS24 - Journey through time and space! This gift code grants you a Time Traveler's Amulet, allowing you to teleport to any previously visited locations instantly.

5. Gift Code: DRDRGN48 - Embrace the ferocity of dragons! This gift code unlocks the Dragonbane Greatsword, a legendary weapon capable of slaying even the mightiest of beasts.

6. Gift Code: DRSPRKS99 - Harness the power of lightning! Redeem this code to obtain the Thundercaller Staff, empowering your spells and unleashing thunderstorms upon your foes.

7. Gift Code: DRRGNSL15 - Awaken the dragon's wrath! This gift code grants you the Dragon's Rage Spellbook, enabling you to summon a mighty dragon to combat your enemies.

8. Gift Code: DRDNKNW51 - Unravel the mysteries of the Darkrise world! Redeem this gift code to obtain an ancient tome of knowledge, revealing hidden secrets and granting insight into your enemies' weaknesses.


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