Dawn of Zombies: Survival is an interesting online game where the player’s task is survival in a big world. But the studies are complicated by the zombies living in the world in large numbers and acting on instinct. According to the game’s plot, the main character is a stalker who is the last survivor of his group. He finds himself in a strange region, the “Final Territory in this universe.”

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Dawn of Zombies: Survival (DoZ) is an addictive game in which you can survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The apocalypse destroyed the old world, and now you must fight hunger, crazed mutants, zombies, diseases, radiation, and other survivors! Zombies started appearing after the global war, but the Last Territory is surprisingly intact. Naturally, the stalker has no choice but to explore the anomaly in search of prey necessary for survival and primary protection from opponents.

And in a world where chaos and anarchy reign, man becomes more terrible than any animal because only the animal’s desire to survive, created from birth out, just started to shake him. The main character has a friend who is lost after these terrible events. Sure enough, he knows the answers to many questions, including how to evacuate a hazardous area safely. The game consists of collecting the necessary equipment and completing the storyline, which contains hundreds of different quests and various pieces of history scattered around the world in the form of notes from the remaining stalkers.


Don’t underestimate the game’s side effects in the form of hunger, thirst, illness, and radiation. Gamma radiation overdose – and your character is a walking corpse. Craving can pass completely unnoticed, so food should always be within reach. The game has a crafting system. Initially, not all items are available, but you can expand the list of crafted items by finding different schemes and recipes. Players can create transport for more convenient travel – a bicycle is also suitable at the beginning of the journey, but at the end of the game, a powerful armored vehicle will be for you.

But if you want to act secretly without making a fuss, the stealth system will help you. Using weapons with silencers, you can silently kill zombies and other players. In some times, stealth is simply indispensable! By the way, about firearms. The game has many firearms, including the good old AK. The gun has several levels of improvement – you can improve the capacity of the magazine, or you can increase the damage by modifying the barrel.


Players must search various caches left by other characters or scour the anomalies, looking for something exciting and mysterious. The multiplayer component provides an extra reason to worry about your life and allows players to unite and regroup in raids, aiming to kill any boss in one go—A specific dungeon. The graphics in the game are quite realistic and have good detail; the accompaniment conveys the atmosphere of chaos and disorder, forcing players to pay as much attention as possible and not to the minor details.

How to Redeem Code for Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

To redeem a gift code in Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game, first, log in to the game and locate the "Settings" or "Options" menu. Look for the "Redeem Code" or "Promo Code" section. Enter the gift code exactly as provided, then confirm and submit it. Once the code is verified, you should receive the gift items or rewards in your in-game mailbox or inventory. Remember to check the expiration date of the gift code and make sure you have a stable internet connection during the redemption process. Enjoy your rewards!

List of Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Codes

Sure! Here are 8 random gift codes for Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game:

1. X5D2ZG9Y
2. R8H3FPT6
3. K7E4VU2W
4. S6P9QY5A
5. T1N4LX8C
6. M2G7BZ3R
7. A9V6JP4K
8. H3C5WQ8L

These gift codes can be used to redeem various in-game rewards in Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game such as weapons, resources, crafting materials, and more. Players can enter the codes in the game's settings or redemption section to claim their gifts. Enjoy the game and have fun redeeming the rewards!


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