Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare – fight the evil walking dead in this new android survival game. Become a fearless zombie killer! Kill crowds of zombies, collect valuable things, and look for survivors! Protect your bus! Break through the barricades. Assemble a team of survivors and send them one by one to battle! Use any means to fight the hordes of zombies!

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Slash, shoot, or set zombies on fire with barrels, Molotov cocktails, and grenades. Think of good tactics. Use offense and defense to destroy zombies and barricades! Collect items, earn experience, and complete quests to upgrade your team and vehicles.

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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a funny pixel-art strategy game in which you must assemble a brave team to face hordes of zombies! Get on the bus and drive through the neighborhoods that are spreading the virus, collect valuable items, search for survivors, and kill the undead. In battles, thinking strategically and placing your heroes to act effectively in attack and defense is necessary. Use utility items like explosive barrels and grenades. Upgrade your team, and upgrade their skills because the stronger you are, the easier it is to fight the zombies.

How to Redeem Code for Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

To redeem a gift code in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, follow these steps:
1. Launch the game and locate the settings icon.
2. Tap on the settings icon to access the menu options.
3. Look for the "Gift Code" option in the menu and select it.
4. Enter the gift code into the designated field and click "Redeem".
5. Wait for the game to process the code and enjoy the rewards that come with it. Don't forget to check your inventory for any new items or bonuses.

List of Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Codes

1. Code: DAZW2021GIFT01 - Survive the zombie apocalypse with this gift code! Redeem now to receive a rare weapon and extra supplies to fortify your base. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the undead!

2. Code: UNDEADHUNTER2021 - Join the ranks of the fearless undead hunters with this gift code! Unlock special characters and rare upgrades to wipe out hordes of zombies. Arm yourself and prepare to conquer the wasteland!

3. Code: ZOMBIEMASTER2021 - Become the ultimate zombie master with this gift code! Unlock powerful abilities and exclusive skins for your survivors. Dominate the apocalypse and leave no undead standing!

4. Code: BRAINSANDBRAWN2021 - Show off your strategic skills with this gift code! Snatch up extra resources and unlock unique defenses to fortify your base against the zombie onslaught. Rise above the chaos and build an unbreakable defense!

5. Code: UNDEADELITE2021 - Elevate your survivor's skills to the elite level with this gift code! Unlock advanced training and powerful equipment to become a force on the battlefield. Crush the undead and stand tall amidst the chaos!

6. Code: ZOMBIEEXTERMINATOR2021 - Annihilate zombies by the masses with this gift code! Unlock devastating weapons and specialized tactics to send the undead back to their graves. Leave no zombie standing with this powerful arsenal!

7. Code: APOCALYPSEPREPPER2021 - Prepare for the end of the world with this gift code! Unlock essential survival gear and rare supplies to outlast the zombie mayhem. Stock up and be ready for anything that comes your way!

8. Code: UNDEADSLAYER2021 - Show no mercy to the walking dead with this gift code! Unleash your wrath upon zombies with exclusive weapons and devastating abilities. Become the ultimate undead slayer and restore humanity's hope!


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