Immerse yourself in the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with Dinosaur Zoo, the exciting new game from publisher itiw. Explore the park, hatch and raise your own dinosaurs, and complete challenges to unlock exclusive codes for special rewards. Dive into the thrilling adventure of managing your very own dinosaur zoo and create a Jurassic wonderland like never before.

Latest of Dinosaur Zoo Promo Codes

RVlhu5a9XXX Get

Unlock a mythical dinosaur exhibit, receive a golden dinosaur statue, and gain free entry for life to Dinosaur Zoo.

gKFpZb92XXX Get

Explore the hidden realm of hybrid dinosaurs with this coupon! Unlock free entry, exclusive tours, and a baby dino souvenir.

How to Redeem Code for Dinosaur Zoo

To redeem a gift code in Dinosaur Zoo, launch the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the redeem gift code option and enter the code provided. Enjoy your new rewards and items!

List of Dinosaur Zoo Codes

1. Code: DINO1234 - Enjoy a free child admission to Dinosaur Zoo
2. Code: REX5566 - Get 50% off on a family ticket purchase at Dinosaur Zoo
3. Code: JURASAU - Redeem a complimentary dinosaur plush toy at Dinosaur Zoo
4. Code: TRIC888 - Receive a discount on Dino-themed merchandise at Dinosaur Zoo
5. Code: ZOOTIX7 - Avail a special offer on guided tours at Dinosaur Zoo
6. Code: FEROCITY - Win a unique behind-the-scenes experience at Dinosaur Zoo
7. Code: BRONT77 - Unlock exclusive access to a dinosaur feeding session at Dinosaur Zoo
8. Code: SAURIUS - Claim a voucher for a prehistoric-themed meal at Dinosaur Zoo