Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an exciting game in which you’ll fight as famous characters from Disney cartoons The Incredibles, Ralph, and Zootopia! Welcome to Digital City! An ominous virus has ruined every pixel, making the heroes’ friends their enemies! Only you can save the heroes!

Latest of Disney Heroes Battle Mode Codes

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode: Join this thrilling action RPG blend with iconic Disney and Pixar characters – Zootopia, The Incredibles, Ralph, and more! Some strange virus has invaded the digital space, and the infected characters become evil and do not recognize their loved ones!


Collect and battle 15 Disney and Pixar characters. Combine heroes for missions and unique campaigns. Upgrade your characters with epic abilities and equipment. Explore the new world of digital technology and save your heroes.


You must understand the situation and save the troubled heroes before it’s too late! Team up with other survivors and engage in turn-based battles. It is necessary to calm the raging evildoers. Play through the story campaign as you explore the amazing digital world and figure out how to stop this madness! Collect all 15 cartoon characters and control them in battles, gather with friends in teams, and complete missions side by side. Upgrade your character with epic gear.

How to Redeem Code for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

To redeem a gift code in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game on your device.
2. Tap on your avatar or profile picture.
3. Look for the "Settings" button and click on it.
4. In the Settings menu, find and tap on the "Redeem" option.
5. Enter the provided gift code into the designated field.
6. Tap on the "Redeem" button.
7. Once successfully redeemed, enjoy the in-game rewards or items associated with the gift code.
8. Remember to check your in-game mailbox for any additional rewards.

List of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Codes

1. X4LM7PYC: Unlock a special hero costume and boost your team's power in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! Gear up and get ready for intense battles in the magical world of Disney.

2. K9G3B2RW: Receive a rare power-up pack to enhance your heroes' abilities. Unleash their true potential and defeat any enemy that stands in your way.

3. H7N9D1FX: Get a limited edition character bundle! Add a new hero to your roster and build the ultimate team of Disney legends.

4. T6J8V5ZM: Gain access to an exclusive in-game event and earn extra rewards. Join forces with other players and prove your skills in challenging missions.

5. P2C4N6QY: Redeem this code for a mystery gift box filled with valuable resources and items. Let the Disney magic unfold as you unbox your surprises.

6. R3F9W7AL: Unlock an epic battle arena and test your heroes' strength against formidable opponents. Rise to the top and claim victory in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

7. E5D2C1BH: Earn bonus experience points for all your heroes! Level up faster and become a force to be reckoned with in the Disney universe.

8. M1N4X7OT: Enjoy a 24-hour double rewards boost. Maximize your progress and gather resources at an accelerated pace. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dominate Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!




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