Unlock new characters, powers, and rewards in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode with exclusive codes from PerBlue Entertainment! Dive into action-packed battles featuring your favorite Disney heroes and villains. Use codes to enhance your gameplay experience and dominate the competition. Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities these codes provide. Join the adventure today and become a legendary hero!

Latest of Disney Heroes Battle Mode Codes


“Unlock a magical chest containing rare heroes, exclusive costumes, powerful upgrades, and a secret bonus level in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!”

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“Unlock a magical chest for exclusive heroes, boosters, and resources in your next Disney Heroes: Battle Mode adventure! Redeem now!”

How to Redeem Code for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Open Disney Heroes: Battle Mode game. Go to settings and select "Redeem Code." Enter the gift code in the designated field. Confirm and enjoy the rewards in your account for a better gameplay experience.

List of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Codes

1. Code: DHBMGIFT1 - Unlock exclusive hero skins and in-game currency.
2. Code: BATTLEMODE3 - Receive a special gift pack with powerful hero upgrades.
3. Code: DISNEYHERO7 - Get a limited edition character with unique abilities.
4. Code: MAGICHERO9 - Claim a bundle of resources and energy refills for epic battles.
5. Code: DHBM2022 - Redeem this code for rare hero shards and gear.
6. Code: HEROESUNITE5 - Access a special event with bonus rewards and challenges.
7. Code: PIXARPOWER6 - Enjoy a boost to your hero's stats and abilities.
8. Code: FANTASIA8 - Unlock a magical mystery gift box filled with surprises and treasures.