NameDrop And Explode

Experience this casual adventure for yourself. In this game project called Drop And Explode, you will have to guide the objects so that they fly high enough. It is worth looking at, discovering new possibilities, and showing what you have done.

As a projectile, there may be a massive animal that, at one moment, can fly to the moon. Add your abilities to this game, and become a professional who can direct everything above everyone else. The further you advance, the more structures will open in the future. It will be possible to try various promotion options, shoot high and reach incredible heights. Use simple balls to decorate your shot and see what happens powerfully. Make a revolution in this fantastic world, get a new level, and set records to overtake all your competitors.

Drop And Explode MOD

When u get to the last 2 or 3 levels u just get stuck and when u do the math the math is right on my part but the game math isn't right so it was bug and I feel that it is a waste of space on my phone.. Nothing adds up. Even the base math is completely wrong, and when you expect a certain amount and you only get half that, it's pretty skeevy. Feels pretty lackluster. The game is fun, but I beat the game in one day. Can you add more levels? I will be uninstalling.. Would be good if it wasn't 20 secs of game and then 5 to 10 secs of ads and that's if the ad doesnt freeze and ad free is like 3$ something which really isn't worth it. I really like this game and have made it to the moon on 4 different occasions now I've never minded ads and in this game they go towards boosting the cola and the mints thus making the volcano shoot lava higher when I get to the moon I delete and immediately reinstall the game bcz it's a way to brush up on maths as it gives a sense of accomplishment which is pleasing & strangely relaxing 10/10.

Drop And Explode APK

Cool but i need more legels like the shn and the milky way and when I 3eached the moon I restart I worked hard for 1 year. Chinese Spyware, ad spamming garbage game. Shoves an ad down your throat after EVERY round. Greedy manipulative trash designed to manipulate kids who don't know better should not be on the play store.. Literally five seconds in and I've been asked to watch three ads and forced to watch another. This isn't a game, it's an ad.. I play this game and it's fun but it's not the same thing as the other racing games Plus they should update it so it has no more ads and it's has easy opstceo courtes and stuff on the track for people to get in the game to make them faster than the other people or to slow the other people down for you to win.

Drop And Explode APK

Don't download Took forever to reach the moon and didn't even get the money. I wish there was a skip button. Then it restarted me after all I just did. I'm uninstalling it now. . Its a great idea but there are so many ads like before every level and sometimes it is really slow.. How dare you stop us from selecting the level we want to do if we can afford it we should be able to buy it but I can't pick any level because you keep doing it automatically. Sorry I had to uninstall it you took the fun out of it.. There's too many ads, I could understand an ad when to do "free" or have it come up once a while, but all the all is too much. At this point, the devs just want you to pay for the ad block. .

Drop And Explode APK

I like this game but it is repeative becuse once you beat the game you have to start over and over again.. While this is a simple and rather fun time wasting game, the forced ads after EVERY attempt is too much. Forced ads to make money is fine, but make it every 3 attempts... not EVERY attempt. One level, a single click to finish... And I was offered five separate ads. Then, when I did "tap to play" for level two (careful to avoid the ad buttons for upgrades) I got a forced ad.. I don't understand why in the hell this game is considered a game. This isn't a game, is a commerical, this is false advertising. I keep trying to find a game that doesn't bombard with ads, THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM. I OPENED THE commercial and immediately uninstalled..

A forced add immediately after the first level ... this is already too much. The game itself is way too much random. You always need to guess and the results of each level are unpredictable.. It doesn't work i played it once then ot didn't work and i checked my wifi and it was ok. another one with way too many ads & it only takes an hour to get through all the levels & then it starts you over. Got an ad before even playing the first level ONCE. AbsoLUTEly not. Would give this zero stars if that would have registered as a rating..

So when it's getting ready to explode and reach up to its highest it freezes but I even tried restarting my phone to see if that would work and I tried going out of the app and back in and it didn't work please fix this.. Whenever the soda explodes and it tells the height it just stops dont waste your time on this game its not really fun. I like the game it's a lot of ads but what I don't understand is why does it matter which slot we choose u don't count all the balls anyways . Your only allowed to get so many. ??. It mite have a lot of ads but ist amazing and satisfying and if your like me and you don't care for ads this is the game for you.

Good boy and good game and subscribe also a first and diamond a job the jobs for my best friend forever right i am a YouTuber pls hajji help the help create conducive environment for fun was. Wynn wong Review are public and include your account and device info.Lean more Rate this app Drop and Explode: S.... I really don't play these games so I can watch ads. If you do then this is the game for you. I got to watch an ad before I even played one second of the game. You guys are getting greedy. Uninstalling now.

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