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Last update February 11, 2024

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Try to go into a crazy trance to summon some game project entities. Duet, will you be able to properly connect yourself with vessels, survive in this crazy world and keep incredible composure?

Your whole history will depend only on preserving all your two vessels in all respects. They will be able to imagine wholly synchronized containers in which you can drown in musical symbiosis. Can you experience the irresistible excitement of everything that happens? Despite all the subtleties, the world around you can go out, quiet down, or even die. Only the game can get a particular value that lives in your palms.

Here you will ought interesting chapters that you must complete at a specific time, e. Try to repeat each of the stages, hone your passage, and open all 25 unique achievements. In this game project, you will be able to test all your strengths, open the survival mode, and complete exciting tasks every day. Soon you will unlock four bonus chapters that will add even more interest to the game. Absolutely perfect gameplay, many important questions, and everything else that might interest you in this game.

Duet MOD

Pretty good game. It's not too difficult nor it was too easy, it was just the right amount of challenging.. I have been looking for this game, because I lost my phone and I couldn't remember the name but now I finally found it. This game is perfect... it's releases me of my stress and frustration, but sometimes I get stressed and frustrated while playing it. There's an insane amount of absolute garbage when it comes to phone games. On consoles it'd be called shovelware. Duet is one of those where you go "finally" followed by an exasperated sigh and a tear because it's a diamond in the rough. Fun and addictive. Yea there's ads but with awesome games I really don't care. after playing more, the ads are actually a welcome break for brain recovery lol and this is a great game to forget you problems. If you aren't in a zen state you'll loose . this is 5 stars because i like this game but this game always makes me angry and making me rage but the game is so so so very very good and nice.. Its really fun, but also stressful ___________________________________ I'm having trouble connecting to Google play games, and with that comes the inability to get duet premium back, can someone help please?.

Duet APK

Palinoia: the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered Ive had the free version of this game since high school, and its one of the ones i paid for as soon as i had a job. Absolutely amazing game, and im so happy to see an update all these years later. The game is AMAZING . It's just left me speechless to play But I would appreciate if the other chapters were free to play. Superb game! Love the presentation and atmosphere. The gameplay is unique, addicting and demands skill. Hope to see more from this developer!. It works, and that's about where the good things end. Becomes a chore to play after an hour or two.

Duet APK

The concept of having two spheres being connected and dodging obstacles through rotation is actually pretty cool! The story (at least the free part) actually made me stare at the ceiling for a few moments and the music here is well made and catches the tension but determination the game is making you have. Although the ads do pop up often even in the middle of the game which ruins the mood. Overall it's a simple, short and challenging game and it's very enjoyable. an excellent example of how game devs should monetize games, without aggressive ads. with a premium option for those who want to pay to have no ads.. Best Game I Had Ever Seen This Game Delelop Brain Power so, My Request For Parents That Please Give This Game To Your Kids to Play . Its quite good actually. The voice is relaxing, the art is abstract and the music is prisrine quality. Simplistic gameplay mixed with tough challenges make good design, and that's what this game achieves greatly..

Duet APK

BAYILDIM baz salak (zr d.) arkadalar reklam fazla demi, aminakodugumun ocuklar (zr d.)internetinizi kapasaniz ya hani. zor diye b yldz veren var. Mal misiniz kardeim oyunun amac zor blmleri gemeye alarak eglenmek, siz elenmeyi bilmiyosaniz sizin sorununuz. Herneyse, u na kadar oynadm en harika oyun diyebilirim, ailem izin verseydi para verip ek blmleri kesin alrdm. Oyunu birka kez batan balatp bitirdim. blmler gittike zorlayor ve o kadar zorlayc oluyo ki.. The original levels from 7 or 8 years ago are good, but those are the free ones, just turn off the network and play, it helped me even get through rough times, but the paid version highlights maybe it being bought by some studio or something, none of the good things are in it, the ambiguous advice doesn't come with it, the voice either, either lazy development or some cash grab, I'd ask for my money back if I could since I'm pretty sure it is not going towards the actual creators. This is one of the OG's. A great gameplay experience, fluid mechanics, and awesome design. I've played this game for the last 10 years in my down time. I just bought Soliloquy. While it looks different from the first sets, it doesn't affect the game in a bad way. I love the route the developer has taken with this game. It's a very simple game with a very simple "story". I hope there will be more chapters in the future.. This game helped me work through my grievances. Whenever I'm having a stressful day, I turn to this game. The voice adds to the gameplay in a way that is hard to find. The gameplay is smooth and relaxing; gradually progressing to new levels adding new challenging obstacles along the way. I've been playing the game for about two years. I finally bought Encore and I can't wait to try it out. I've tried to find more games like this and I can't. The developers did an amazing job. Thank you!.

Love this game. Been returning to it for 5+ years and with the new update they made a new mode which is insanely difficult!. I paid for premium version but didn't get the stages.. Finished all the levels! Very engaging game. It deserves five stars.. Flow state catalyst. The difficulty scaling with ability is perfect. Soundtrack is splendid. I purchase every new level set without hesitation. It is very difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it is so much fun! A lot of people complain its too hard, but I like the challenge. Also there is a calm, ghost-like voice at the beginning of levels and I seriously have started thinking differently since getting this game (for the btter). Perfect for car rides because it doesnt need wifi. The first levels are free, but it is only $1 for more levels, or $3 for premium. (No ads, more levels, and more!).

great game love it have played it a lot it saves even if you uninstall it and then install it 100% recommend it absolute 1,000/10. This is amazing game. One of the best time killer ever existed. I love this small plot, and gameplay is simple and fun 5/5. Fun game when you're waiting for something/someone and want a game you can quit anytime and come back to work or task hit im not a big fan of having to pay to play other acts like soliloquy. Wow so cool game but I still wanted the real game but it's not free why is this game is so so so hard but I liked it.

It's been the most interesting game that i have played and held on to it hoping for final updates for a long time... Finally the new story is our and I'm excited to try them out. Best mobile game I have ever played. The game mechanics, the level designs and especially the musics and the narrative are amazing. I really admire the imagination of the devs. It was a wonderful experience to play this game.. I've had this game installed since I was in high school where I completed it, and always went back to it every now and then whenever I wanted a tough yet relaxing bit of gaming through the daily and nightly challenges. It's always been great, and fun to test one's skill, and now with the addition of 30 new levels I can say I'm extremely glad it's the only mobile game I've never uninstalled. It's always worth playing, and will continue to be worth playing, new levels or not.. This Game has no business being this good. If the stars went up to 10, I'd pick 11. 11/5 Stars, too good to be free. (But I'm glad it is!).

im in love with everything about this game. if i could change one thing, id add the ability to change the duo's colors, (like purple+green, orange+yellow, etc). everything else is perfect, beautiful gang, worth buying every part of it. awesome. i just have a question: is the game avaiable in italian? if not, I would be grateful to be able to translate Duet.. This game means so much to me. It has always been an inspiration. I practically never spend money on games, but in this game I bought everything. By the way, the new Soliloquy chapter is amazing, a bit disturbing at the start, but I'm sure I'll be able to handle it. Each time a paint ball crushes against a white wall, I feel stronger.. Good game nice every thing is perfect I love it you should download it and play it and see how good it is.

This is acually good! The little story it has is explained in a short form, yet, its so clear. The ads don't appear AS much, but expect some adds per levels. But the game is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!. The game itself is great, bit I remember when this game was actually free to play and enjoyable, I get ads help but I shouldn't be getting an ad every 3 plays. It's not gonna make me want to buy premium it just makes me want to Uninstall the game, which I did and I've hold installed it and played it for 10 minutes, I got 5 ads in 10 minutes. Do better.. Ever since I first played this game, it has irritated me sooo so much and I just love it so so much it's just Really Amazing and great!! Ths music the dialogues everything is just super lovely and yay congrats to 10 years love the new chapters!!!!!!. Best game!! So trippy. Visually & audio perfection more games like this should be made. God bless the developers! I am playing the game several years later and has new chapters! Just wow .

Perfect game, very little ads, no bugs, not too hard or too easy and the in game purchases aren't ridiculous - it's a 1 time purchase for no ads and so much more content. The developers make the best games, this is the first mobile game I've ever spent money on and I dont regret jt one bit.. One of the few games that really challenge my patience and hope... minimalist design and challenging gameplay, there is no room for mind wandering here! It was recommended for me by chatgpt !!. I love this game the music and game play go perfectly together the story and narration is amazing its a calm, relaxing yet challenging game there is forced Ads but only after every chapter and after you die a bunch its not like other games where you get a Ad every 5 sec. I don't usually rate games but this one I just feel that I should. I also don't usually spend money on mobile games but this game is so good I will probably buy premium for the 7 extra chapters. And I recommend to use headphones. Played this game a lot back in the day and it was always 5 stars, but had to come back to bring it down a star for sililoquy chapters. The other modes, the progression made it possible to learn but this one, I can't seem to get past even the first few levels. Maybe it's just me.

I literally cannot play this game WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY JUST TO PLAY CHAPTERS?!?! That is literally so unfair. JUST PRICE IT TO THE AMOUNT FOR THE CHAPTERS!!!. One of the best games i ever played. I wish i had the money to download more levels... EDIT: Got to play the paid levels after a while, totally worth the value. 10/10 would recommend!. I think this game would be very fun if they just made levels 1-4 easier because I haven't even passed 2 and yon can't go to the fun parts which is sad because you might take over an hour to beat level 2 which is unbelievably unfair.. Love this game. I've seen some other guys complaining about the difficulty spike, the answer is literally just get good, your reward feels much more fulfilling. I'm glad to see even more unexpected mechanics in the epilogue, along with the same skill barrier in the first part. Will definetly buy the encore after epilogue is done. Edit: Bought the encore. Yet again, more mechanics that work well and work fun. Still a great 5 star game..

It's very challenging in the beginning but as you play you pick up on things and it gets easier from there, would recommend.. I AM GOING TO SCREAM AND THROW MY PHONE ACROSS THE ROOM. And I love it this is one of hardest games ever and it's well done. I really think that if I want to get mad this is how. GOOD JOB edit: I'm reading reviews and everyone is saying "blah blah blah to many ads" when I played for 3 hours and got no ads.. Everything is so beautifully done, there is simply no way to express the joy this game has brought me, I AM NOT A BOT btw.. Built with purpose and passion, fun entertaining and you can feel your brain growing... My question is... Where is duet 2!!!?? 2023 and here it is, new levels! And they are honestly amazing! Much appreciation to all who worked on this.

Great concept with top music.. I bought premium edition due to nagging ads. Addition: masterpiece as usual with spectacular music thank you for tje crazy design . Honestly its a really good game in my opinion,but there r some improvements that needs to be done.first off it takes time and practice which is some ppl lack in- it was hard for me,that to i dont really want to pay 75.00 just for soilliquy chapters! I may be wrong ,its might be fun.but for me its not.The music is really calming and soothing and it lowers ur frastration. Overall its a good game and nice concept!. I played this game so many times since 10years ago and it is still my favourite game ever. I find it both challenging and therapeutic at the same time. Each quote matches the level and it's really an amazing and unexpected journey to play it. Absolutely love it since the beginning and still do.. The game is difficult but IS really fun, the animation is smooth and there are barely any ads, I would recommend if you don't have anger issues and have adhd.

I love this game! Despite how you think it might be repetitive given its (lovely) simplistic design, but no matter how many times I fail the level, I keep on going. The music is amazing and unique, and I love the narrator. I always find myself coming back to it! It's super optimised and has a very friendly user interface, as well as warning you before ads if you decide to not buy the premium version and they're non intrusive :). I usually like difficult games, but this one just feels unfair. Like, sometimes i swear a movement should have worked, but absolutley did NOT. Just pure frustration.. woo. sorry for never rating(2+years.) Amazing first impressions and very fun times to return to. Thanks for all the updates and daily/nightly modes. Just updated same day of this post and: 30 more levels added, sweet! Beat Soliloquy. Note: Very Hard. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IM MAKING THIS OUT OF ANGER. YOU MADE THIS STUPID GAME TO HARD IS IT SPOSE TO BE RELAXING SEEMS LIKE ITS STRESS CAUSING UGHHHHHHHHHG.

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