NameDungeon: Age of Heroes
Release4fan studio games

The most exciting adventure in the dying kingdom. Dungeon: Age of Heroes will make you the most daring and brave hero.

You can go on a rather dangerous adventure that will take place in the kingdom called Jatran. You need to gather your thoughts to unravel all of his terrible secrets. Try to collect and then train all your heroes, as each has unique abilities. Go through scary dungeons, crazy mountains, forests, and castles. Here, you will be able to face the terrifying inhabitants that you will have to defeat. You have to be very careful not to fall into their deadly traps. You can make friends with extraordinary characters, complete their crazy tasks and get more experience. Look for treasures, collect unique items for your squad and upgrade each character.

Dungeon: Age of Heroes MOD

Fun game but won't let me purchase the premium pass. I would glad rate 5 stars if this issue is fixed.... Great game so far, but I've gone as far as possible at the moment. Will there be an update, or is that it ?. So far, no ad spam, no pay walls. Seems like there's a lot to do, and I'm enjoying it. Solid game. I've made a few purchases.. Don't mind the ads , but are a bit long and hard to get out of , but enjoying the game so far . One of the best game that I ever play. There are no energy bar so you can play it for hours & keep on grinding for loots. My only complaint will be the costume, it's very limited but I still like the default knight costume. Btw, paying for no ads really worth it plus it's permanent :).

Dungeon: Age of Heroes APK

Uninstalled after a few dungeons. It seemed like most of the treasure in chests never made it into my inventory. A repetitive and uninteresting cash grab.. No forced ads, overall decent game I recommend I am not a bot (for those who are well aware of the bots many devs use for reviews. This is a genuinely good game). Good game so far!!! Available offline!!!! Edit: Unfortunately it's one of those games where they show you an ad between every level. The X appears in the corner of the ad , you click it and takes you immediately to the app store. You click back, and click the X and again immediately to the app store. I HATE those ads!!! Don't present me with an X and take me to the app store!!!. Game itself is fun, tho they have ad options in every chest you find in the missions, the button says you will get 10 gems per add you watch a chest, however you don't actually receive them all, went into one map watched 5 boxes of ads, had 20 gems before the mission, came out and I had 62 gems, so the ad bonuses are lies.

Dungeon: Age of Heroes APK

Was horrible,waste of my $5 I spent to get all the heroes. Suppose have good defense on several but went through my health potions like Skittles. Needed diamonds to buy said potions but unless you purchase them you barely get any.. Wow! I finally found a new dungeon crawler that I can finally enjoy. Nice and easy combat sequence. Nice graphics. Not too cartoon looking. Great game. Easy to learn.. Sadly why I love the game it's such a cool game I simply cannot give it any more than one star due to the absolute fact the skins are only available if you pay real money they say you can get them in game for free yet been playing for ages no shards there are identical games out there that offer you free characters just by logging in and by tokens for summons it's a shame because this is such a cool game it's just a shame greed has ruined it. Not worth it. Boring and glitchy. Froze 3 times on ads I DIDN'T want to watch. Had to exit out and return. NOPE!!! 2 stars was stretching it..

Dungeon: Age of Heroes APK

Way too many ads. Play only 25% of the time because all you do is watch ads. It's insane. Fun game if the ads weren't so often. Don't recommend unless they reduce this.. The fact that you claim we can use several different classes just to find out you have to buy all bit one, is just disgraceful. Great mazes. However, I have reached the end of the game and there is no new content. Potion counters frequently show twice the actual amount. As of this moment, free chests can no longer be opened with video ads. The game freezes when I press the "play video" icon.. Why I like the game and the ads aren't that bad I don't know why people are complaining you watch ads for rewards not a big deal my issue is the fact that it is really pay to play if you want a new character you have to spend real money there's only one free character they claim you can get the rest with shards but I've been playing for months and not gotten any new character I have since deleted it because there are similar games out there that have summons & U can actually get characters.

When this game first came out it was virtually unplayable because of the ads. Recently I came back and they fixed this. Added new features. So this game earns five stars.. I am hook on this game. It brings me back to the old style games like Nitindo 64 had. A dungeon type feeling. I'm down levels and it gets more interesting as you go further. Amazing so far. . Cheese is good for at least the most delicious food was in July but it was a great dog collar for a couple years of high reunion in a secure IRA and high quality offices a home in the shop. Fun times for sure!. This game is ok. I have not come across any ads yet. I like the map that shows hoe many places you still need to conquer plus if you wanted, the starter kit is quite cheap. Even cheaper than a cup of coffee..

You upgrade your gear yet stuck with the same boring look. Lame. If I get a new sword, I want to see it!.

Download ( V1.14.691 )

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