A detective quest with an intriguing plot and RPG elements. An excellent detective quest with an exciting storyline, RPG elements, and simple controls, which includes interactive features, images, mini-games, puzzles, videos, and much more. The game’s mechanics are made in the format of a role-playing quest with a detective story. The player will have to investigate the disappearance of a young girl named Hannah. Three days later, an unusual message with a phone number came to the phone of the missing person’s friends. The most exciting thing is that the news came from Hannah’s phone. This phone number led to your hero.

Your task is to help the main character unravel this complicated case and find the girl, if possible. To do this, you will need to interrogate various characters and look for clues that will help find the culprit. The game is slow and primarily monotonous. In the process, you will need attentiveness, logical thinking, and observation. Download Duskwood for Android and start playing.

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I really like the game I suppose you can put a relationship status gauge and dark mode option and also background music to make it more interesting and also make it offline. The best interactive plus detective game you'll ever play. I played the whole thing and it's so good. I can't wait to play the next part.. So. I just finished the game. One thing I wanted to say, well done, Devs I really enjoyed the story. I have my suspicion on who was the culprit was (at the beginning of the story), but the plot twist?? I have to admit I didn't see it coming. I was so invested to the story it makes the betrayal almost felt too real. And it makes me cry too, tbh. I can't wait for the next game :). This game is cool I'm glad is not that hard to play I hope you do more in the future!. Fantastic game! I loved the storyline and the high interaction level I had with it. Some of the hacker puzzles were hard, but I found the challenge quite nice.

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I am INLOVE with this game! Just finished and I am so sad Best game on the app store by far!! 10 out of 10 Everbyte!. LOVE this game so much I lost all my data sadly when I got a new phone but that's okay just gives me a reason to play again! Thank you everyone at everbyte for your hard work keep at it. Can't wait for Moonvale!. So good. Addicting AF. Such a great story, and the delivery method is so brilliantly interactive that it takes you to their world and makes you feel like a real part of it!. This game is the best game ive ever played in my entire life. It feels like i was part of the characters . Im just gonna say i recommended this game greatly. Please make more game like this Please .

Duskwood APK

Looks like a really nice game, I liked that the characters have instagram accounts which makes it more fun But messaging takes forever and small talk is a lot so you wait a lot for the conversation proceed. So it made me not want to play, felt like too time consuming even though I was curious about the story. Feels like reading a book with very long descriptive sentences. I really wanna know why Hannah sent the MCs number and who Hannah saw at the end. Playing as the MC is really interesting. There are some typos, and some are very formal in writing, like.. I rarely see people text like that. Also, I really wanna see how it will end with the hacker. Are we gonna see him in the next game? How will he make an appearance? I'm looking forward to how the next detective game will be.. As of now, the match-3 games are beatable even though some take more than 5 tries but the story itself is awesome. The characters are lovable enough and I've actually started to care about Jessy and the Hacker. Hope neither have to do with Hannah's disappearance. The characters don't feel one dimensional and I am so ready to unearth more of the answers to the mystery behind each character. 21Oct023: Match 3 games get a bit more difficult but still beatable. Still LOVE the characters and the game. This is such an innovative game. You really feel a part of the mystery. The storytelling is amazing. I can't think of a single game like this. Definitely keeps you drawn in! Paying the one-time fee for the exclusive content is worth it! I can't wait until the next one!.

Duskwood APK

I know the game was realeased years ago but i played the game just now, everything was just so perfect, i really like story games my favr8 was telltale games but this was a lot more interesting i would say, this is more realistic but those mini games are out of character really. If we want to play those games we can just download candy crush. I would really recommend to upsolutely avoid these ridiculous mini games and make it how its supposed to be. Best Game Ever. Can't wait for Duskwood Side Story In Moonvale. Can't wait to talk again with MY JAKE This Game deserves a 5-star rate. Game was surely not for me.. As a role playing character you'll have to get into small talk with everyone and I just like to the point conversation sorry. And of course, the candy Crush kinda cube game which is the second annoying thing.. Was looking for something else.. Can't even get to play because when I hit play button it loads to black screen and can't play at this point. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still does it. Or would have giving better star rating. I want to play this game so please fix it..

Omg omg Amazing More than Amazing man!! This is my favourite Game in the Whole WORLD I don't even Have Words To Describe how awesome this game is indeed And We all player Must Thank You Guys...... EVERBYTE Please Keep On Making The Investigation Games Like this One I love jake reallllyyyyy and.... I am worried about him bcuz he in mine too. I hate the mini games in this, if I wanted to play a matching game I would have downloaded one. I also hate that to see any of the pics the players send/hear the voice recordings, you have to pay real money. The mini games are also extremely hard and make the game suck. If I could give this negative stars I would. I can't continue the story simply because the developers decided to make stupidly hard mini games that you HAVE to play to continue. Deleting the app. This is so awesome man I want to play this game again I'm really so excited about the next part or next season it was so amazing I love all the carecters there are really so good keep it up guys and thankyou for this amazing game and Im hoping for a new Adventure, idk if there is gonna be new season but I'm hoping for the somthing new . Story is really gripping. The mini games are exhausting and the play time you get after solving 3 mini games is way too less..

I love love love the story and characters however: the mini game sapped my will to live. Be wary and good luck. Best interactive stories so far...but i give it 4 star because of the premium choice...for some it will be too affordable but for me even if it seem cheap i still cannot afford to pay for it...i just wish Duskwood Team can do something about it like watching an ad or something...otherwise i would have given it 5 stats definitely.... This is the best games I had played till now like it has some hard levels but they are not that impossible to solve iloved this game and i was in love with Mr. Jake but we didn't had any conversation in the endlol but game has amazing story with realistic calls chats it's best. good game. but i hate the mini games i want to have fun withe dective act not solve the mini gsme puzzles.

What a game I love these games I have played the healing, signs,seven actually all of them but this is the best one the story twist and turns brilliant, I would love to know when the next part is out though.. Amazing game, cast and characters. The design of the mechanics, visuals and sound design really suck you in into a beautifully scripted narrative. The only complaint I have is the mini game. As a dev myself I understand why it's there and as a player I do enjoy it over all, but some of the levels are just damn near impossible to get through without spending in game currency 2-4 times or waiting ages for hearts. Ultimately just hitting a wall. That said, highly recommend as it's an amazing game!. I love this game so much. The mini games were challenging but still fun because of the story. Love the mystery and the characters.. What a awesome game i am addicted to it actually obsessed with this game . I fell in love with Jake but that man just knows to hide his feelings it's alright that makes me fall for him more. A really thrilling game do download it. Thank You .

I wanted to like this game, and maybe I could have if not for the pacing. The story drops (mostly via text app) are drawn out and slow. To make matters worse, every single mini game is followed by an ad, which makes the pacing even worse. DNF.. I really love this game the graphic and especially how real it feels but as I was playing it the it self went in repeat mode or am I just imagine it?. I enjoy playing the game but the only problem is I can't update the app here in play store please fix it immediately .. I love this game and recommend it to everyone!!! It's not like an ordinary detective text game, it's realistic and I can tell that a LOT of thought was put into the storyline of this game. Every character is distinct and unique, and their acting reflects how players see them. I am thankful that there is such a game because this experience was wonderful. The games may get difficult along the way but I think that beautifully highlights how hard it was for the team to solve this case..

I've played this game through about 4 times now, I love the story and characters so much especially Jake. I can't wait for the spin off.. Having read the first chapters, I think the story, despite meandering around and having occasionally broken English, is entertaining and captivating. Plus, the introduction of different mediums (texting, videocalls, phone calls) improves immersiveness. However, the HUNDREDS of difficult match-three mini-games (which have absolutely nothing to do with the game's theme!) required to advance have made me no longer wish to continue playing it. Huge waste of time, this is a disguised Candy Crush.. literally the best game ever. it's so captivating and i can't go a day without playing. the little games get difficult each one and are genuinely so challenging, but other than that it's such a beautiful game. UPDATE: I just finished this and it was amazing. I was so into it thank you for this game, I'll wait for others <3. I love this so much only issue is the mini games, I've spent quiet abit just for extra moves to carry on with the story like it's ridiculous. I get that the mini games get harder but some are so difficult to complete you have to get buy extra moves or you'll be there for days. I feel like more coins should be given when the mini games are completed.

I love how the story really caught me, I just started episode 10 and I am sooo excited to find out the ending!! Amazing effort from the team to create such immersive play. There are little flaws - e.g. I would gladly pay a small amount to turn off the ads that show up after every minigame. Also, at times it is annoying how slow the characters are typing. I am surprisingly enjoying the match-3 game, and I really like that it is challenging. Overall very good game.. I'm not going to change my review but there this one problem (bug) I hate so when I was at the middle of the conversation with some of the characters, I decided to finish the minigames first but when I came back they just stopped replied, I tried everything but it won't work except for starting the story again. Still love this game btw, thanks for making it.. Absolutely horrible. I spent more time playing the stupid match 3 mini games than I spent playing the ACTUAL GAME I GOT. Which is incredibly disappointing because I was enjoying Duskwood, but the match 3 games became too repetitive and annoying. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I couldn't take it anymore.. Boring! I thought it was a mystery, follow the clues type of game. Instead I spent 30mins pretend texting characters in the "game"..

I've got to give this app a five star. The story is so compelling. I have to say the mini games are a bit irritating to get through but are worth the challenge to push through the story. It isn't the point to be easy. I have spent money and I suggest getting the premium choice package since it does give you a lot more to the story and only costs 5 dollars. I finished EP10 and they're already making a new game and almost finished with EP1! <3 this studio!!. Love this game. Play it over and over just with there was easier way to do hacking. Wish the new game they are making would come out. It's been over a year.. AWESOME game. I didn't love the 'acting' on the videos, but I imagine budget is tight. Nevertheless, I wouldn't Imagine I was going to get trapped so much into the story.. INFURIATING MINI GAMES!! Totally ruins what would otherwise be a great game..even when you pay for it, as I have, you still have to play these near impossible mini games. Not a happy customer!!!.

The game is good, as a huge fan of detective and puzzle games I really like this game, but there is only 1 problem, the minigame. I spend my time to complete minigame, please add a feature to skip minigame, like watching an ads or something. Would be a great game but totally ruined by the amount of mini games that you have to complete in order to progress. If they were at least different games that would maybe be more dynamic but it just becomes monotone and wastes a bunch of time. Deinstalled halfway through the game.. The app has a lot of potential, however, there are far too many mini games in the game that the whole game essentially became a mini game game instead of a story game. The story seemed interesting at first but the mini games forced upon you constantly interrupts the story and the game crashes sometimes also. Good story, too much focus on mini games.. This is by far the best thriller mobile game I have ever played. However, while match-3 is interesting in the begining, it becomes extremely annoying towards the end. If I wanted to, I would've played Candy Crush. I am on episode 9 with barely any lives and can't seem to pass the levels. The more time (read: hours) I spend on the mini game, the more I lose the plot and have no idea what the details or the clues of the story were anymore. If you can't make it any easier, add an optional game..

Absolutely loved this game. I had become so obsessed with it that i couldn't sleep without knowing what will happen in the next message. I also was one of the users that came after chapter 8 so I had quite a bit to go through. But the fear, the intrique, the heart flutters and the tears made it all worthy. No regrets in buying the extra content either. I will do it again if the next game has that option. P.S. I don't know why it took me a year to post a review. . Duskwood is an amazing game. I really love the mystery, the dialog, and the characters. The only reason that I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because even with premium, you can't romance Jake (or really any male character) if your character is a guy. It's pretty upsetting because I would love to pursue the romance storyline, but as a (gay) trans man, even my characters being female makes me dysphoric. Again, it's just a bit disappointing and I wish that the devs would include an mlm romance. You guys better install the option of skipping the Mini games otherwise users like me will keep deleting this game.. This is the best game ever,I just loved it,I am replaying this again,I just wish there would be a duskwood 2,where will get know,what happened to everyone after Hannah comes back,what will happen to Jake,what will happen between Jake and mc, I just want season 2.

First off, this review contains spoilers, so do NOT read this if you don't want to have any spoilers! The ending made no sense whatsoever. Richy explains his motivations by saying Hannah and Jennifer deserve closure and to stop running from this. How is kidnapping someone supposed to help her move on? Furthermore, why attack Jessy while the player watches? Why send threatening pictures of Cleo to her and her mother? How did the player's phone number get sent to Thomas? Poor writing.. The game is good. The story from each episode is seamlessly connected to one another. It makes the realism of this game superb. But the thing that I don't like about this game is the limited choice of dialogues and it's influence in the story. I hope that it will be addressed in the future. But overall, this game is very commendable.. I don't know who though It was a good idea to make you progress the game playing a bad version of candy crush, the story it's not bad, but man, you should learn from lifeline, that's how to do a story and progress.. One of the best games I've ever played. It really makes you feel like you have entered a different world. The story, the characters, the pace everything is just so well done. I would recommend not to rush the game but to take time to really understand the story. It's better if you wear earbuds during play. To me Duskwood was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. It really puts your detective skills to test. Definitely recommend it..

Super boring and really slow. Nothing much seems to be happening most of the time. The mysteries are uninspiring and dull. Don't waste your time.. It used to be offline just download the data per episode nd play but now they modified nd made it online this development I used to play it alot but till episode 5 or 6 after that all data got deleted nd game too changed online I stopped bcz of these having to repeat again nd again nd again. Am con todo mi ser este juego. Ahora que lo termin por 2da vez, no s que hacer con mi vida JAJA. Espero ver a JAKE en MOONVALE. . the best game ever .. I'm so curious at the beginning but the end , full of plot twist that I never expected ...

WHEN IS THE OTHER PART COMING? I knew it was that person!! Nothing else made sense. The game has changed for the better, than when I first installed it. It was intriguing; at times spooky, and a good pastime. I am looking forward to the next in the series of Duskwood games. Keep up the good work. WHEN IS THE OTHER PART COMING?. Love that u can romance The hacker (I paid for the premium package and it really was worth it) even if u don't pay you aren't bombarded with ads. the story is so interesting, you get into it easily. One of my favorite games. Huge crush on Jake. Replaying while waiting for Moonvale. I'm disappointed that it's not available offline like it was before but It's still a really good game. Ive played it and am replaying, it has been the best game ive ever played over the course of 2 years, The 15 dollars was well worth it and the mini games are relatively easy..

Boring. It seemed as if it would be interesting, but the fake text message situation in the beginning took too long. Drawn out.. Incredible progressive storyline, interactive gameplay, top notch execution. Can play in various styles, but the purchased version is definitely worth it with all the extra dialogue options and images/videos that become available. Really grabs you and pulls you into the game, easily losing yourself in the story of Duskwood and the "relationships" you develop with your new friends. I dont usually sit around and wait for add-ons or episodes to release but this one I'll be keeping until the end. A+. I just completed this today and it is the best detective story game I've ever played so far! I feel bitter sweet for many reasons but I won't spoil anything. I think the real people (characters) made the game personable that I felt like not only that I'm watching a show but I'm part of it as well. I saw other people complain about the puzzles but I think they're fine. It matches the level of the story and it's their way to get people purchase in game products. Can't wait for the next adventure!. Absolutely blown away by how amazing this game is. It's so cleverly crafted, and the gameplay is totally immersive; I genuinely felt like one of the characters. In addition, I'm an author and I was so impressed with the intricate plot, the distinctive characters, and the unique storytelling experience. I could easily see this becoming a bestselling novel or movie. It's definitely worth paying for the multimedia pack! It added so much to the experience. I can't wait for the next game!.

Muy buen juego la verdad me encant espero una segunda parte o algo aunque noe gusto el final me dejaron de hablar :c. I honestly enjoy the game quite a lot but two stars to the fact that we have to pay for the premium options and the games are extremely annoying to clear since I can't afford ut. this game is so awesome , i had so much fun playing and got so addicted to finding out more ! cannot wait for moonvale !! i highly reccomend this if u love suspense and crime and horror games !! so much fun !! i cant wait to see what moonvale brings us !. Great game... But dear duskwood please decrease or remove the mini game... It's soo irritating..... Please help I want to continue the story.....

I really did like this game very much its prop the best i have ever played i like how people are realistic but it only problem is the minigame it makes the game diffrent and not realestic so i recommend removing the minigame in the future games and i am waiting for new games like this one. Amazing experience almost felt like it's all true and the storyline and the characters were absolutely amazing. I got attached to the characters way too much. Just finished it! I was hooked until the end.I absolutely loved the storyline and the characters.Everything was just so realistic. People are saying that the minigames are way too hard,but I really didn't mind it.This has to be the best detective investigation games out there.Everbyte just rocked it!Eagerly waiting for Moonvale! P.S: Jessy and I are best friends now! . So i had already downloaded this game back then.. But because of the mini game i uninstalled it.. Now after some time i played it again and completed it.. And IT'S COMPLETELY WORTH IT!! So if u are quitting this game because of the minigames DON'T DO IT... U will loose a awesome game... And the story is goated.. Yes it doesn't give the ans for our question in the end.. But It will be given in the new game.. So my advice is to play the game.. Trust me u will not regret it...

I decided to do a replay while waiting for Moonvale. Sadly, it isn't the same experience I had I LOVE Duskwood! To this day, it's still the best interactive game I've ever played, no other could ever compare and believe me, I've tried PLENTY! But many of the media that were once free seem to not be anymore I can see it through the eyes of a person playing for the very first time, and it's certainly less enjoyable I'm just glad I played it back when episodes were still releasing.. amazing game everything is on point but i was playing mini game/puzzle and out of nowhere in the middle of the game screen go black and I'm kicked out and when I reopen it I lost a heart it happened twice I lost 2 heart... update now it happend 4 times .... amazing game, I've finally finished it,it's so thrilling so far story is 10/10.... the characters 10/10 and plot the plot is so good i got goosebumps 11/10 and cinematography at end is FIRE great work and I'm waiting for sequel or new ep THANK FOR MAKING THIS LOVE LOTS. So it's a fun game exept for the fact that the mini games should be a lil easier to pass. I get it that I have to complete 2-3 minigames to continue with the strory and I don't mind doing that, but some of it is just too hard, I downloaded this game for the story coz that's really the point. It makes some player lose interest to the story itself..

The story and main game was great. Loved the characters in the game. The story is great from start to finish. Would recommend. Hated the mini games that you had to do to progress though. Felt like quitting the game a few times because of them. Massively slowed down the plot and pulled me out of the game when I had to stop playing the story to complete yet another set of match 3 puzzles, that I struggled to complete more often than I care to admit. Wish there was a way to make them optional.. I waited MONTHS for the final episode and the update deleted all of my progress. It was backed up online and that progress was replaced with 2 new games. I'm not doing it all again, I put HOURS into it. I'm SO pissed off. I loved this game and you've completely destroyed the experience. UPDATE: Started over and it now crashes on minigames and takes a life from you. Story still great, game broken. So glad I didn't pay for it as I almost did.. Greatest detective game I have ever played,, it feels real and you get addicted to it . Don't mind the mini games as they progressly get harder but they are simple if you give yourself time . Amazing game. I just love this game. This seems so real. The calls,videocalls,messages ooh my god this is superb.I must tell you this is one of the best game I ever played in my whole life.Love you Duskwood..

In my opinion this game is worst!!! You have to play boring mini game like candy crush and it's not optional. If you like that mini game than you can download but if you are like me who don't like to play that cube game DON'T download this game. Thank you.. This was SO good that I paid for it. Mini games are ok because you don't really stuck in there (comparing to other puzzle games). Great game! Media pack is a must purchase if you want to get properly into the game. Duskwood is an immersive and addictive experience with some fantastic characters and storylines. Eagerly awaiting episode 7! Awesome work Everbyte! Edit; finished playing and omw, one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Character development was amazing, got so into this. You will not regret downloading. Can't wait for the next game release. Everbyte, you rock . It was boring chat with uninteresting characters. They seemed like Chinese bots who would eventually ask you to send them $, lol. I found the mini games more interesting than the convo, esp because you have to pay to see pictures they post or recordings they post. F that..

Amazing everything was great. However I wish you restart the episode your on to choose different choices overall still very good. Honestly the game has a good structure itself, it is fun to figure out the mystery it has set us to solve by using charecter speech. However, the mini games you have to play on the cloud in order to proceed get irritating and repetitive, especially if you are more keen in getting into the story itself.. The game is amazing But I have to play mini-games a lot to continue the story I didnt download candy crash did I? And if u add a place where I can write my notes is better Sometimes the game is crashed. Nice game, but mini games it self is not what i woild sign up for. Plus those jewel games keep freezing the screen in the middle of the game and the app needs to be restarted causing loss of progress and a heart. Very annoying....

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