Earth Inc. is an exciting economic strategy in an unusual setting. Here you have to play the role of a businessman who manages the extraction and production of all kinds of materials, minerals, and resources all over the planet. You must close your eyes to the worsening climate, but this is unimportant, right?

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From the very beginning, you will gradually have to develop and increase production. Hire thousands of workers, install mines, and dig. Your main goal is constantly improving production and making planet Earth the most successful and profitable business in the entire galaxy. Plants, mines, and factories will be located on all planet surfaces, and you can switch between them to pump and monitor them.

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Resources will be mined even when you exit the game. The deeper you dig, the more exciting and ancient things you find. But who cares at all? Throw them away and keep mining precious resources. Over time, the temperature on the planet will rise, and even going outside will be life-threatening, but this is already a problem for future generations!

How to Redeem Code for Earth Inc.

To redeem a gift code for Earth Inc., visit the company's website and log into your account. Navigate to the "Redeem Gift Code" section in your profile settings. Enter the unique code provided on the gift card and click "Redeem." You may be required to confirm the redemption by entering your shipping address or other details. Once completed, the gift amount will be credited to your account and can be used for making purchases on the Earth Inc. website.

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