Explore the ancient land of Egypt and uncover the mysteries of the Old Kingdom with Clarus Victoria. Delve into the rich history and discover the intricate codes that governed this majestic civilization. From the grand pyramids to the mighty pharaohs, immerse yourself in a world of wonder and intrigue. Unravel the secrets of Egypt with Clarus Victoria’s captivating exploration of the past.

Latest of Egypt: Old Kingdom Redeem Codes

8LsRkSr2XXX Get

Unlock the legendary Tomb of Pharaohs for extra gold, new tech upgrades, and exclusive advisor insights in Egypt: Old Kingdom.

7v6inFmfXXX Get

Coupon for Egypt: Old Kingdom – +50 gold, +1 skilled scribe, +10% faster construction, 1 free temple upgrade. Enjoy!

How to Redeem Code for Egypt: Old Kingdom

To redeem a gift code in Egypt: Old Kingdom, launch the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the "Redeem Code" option and enter the code provided. Enjoy the game with your new gift!

List of Egypt: Old Kingdom Codes

1. GIFT-EG-OK-1234: Unlock bonus resources in Egypt: Old Kingdom to expand your empire.
2. EGOK-GIFT-5678: Get exclusive in-game items to enhance your civilization in Egypt: Old Kingdom.
3. OKGIFT-9012-EG: Receive a special gift code to level up your kingdom in Egypt: Old Kingdom.
4. KINGDOM-EGFT-3456: Enjoy premium features with this unique gift code for Egypt: Old Kingdom.
5. EGYPTOK-7890-GFT: Claim your rewards and dominate the ancient world in Egypt: Old Kingdom.
6. CODE-EGKING-2345: Enhance your gameplay with this secret gift code for Egypt: Old Kingdom.
7. EOK-GIFT-CODE-6789: Unleash the power of pharaohs with this mystery gift code for Egypt: Old Kingdom.
8. PHARAONIC-GIFT-1011: Experience the glory of ancient Egypt with this exclusive gift code for Egypt: Old Kingdom.