Egypt: Old Kingdom is a game set in ancient Egypt where players take on the role of Pharaoh. They must manage resources, build monuments, and make strategic decisions to expand their kingdom. The game features historically accurate events and challenges such as the construction of pyramids and military campaigns. Players can also research new technologies and interact with various characters from Egyptian society.

Latest of Egypt: Old Kingdom Redeem Codes


Congratulations! You have unlocked the “Pharaoh’s Ultimate Treasure” reward in Egypt: Old Kingdom! Enjoy an exclusive tour of the Great Pyramids, a private meeting with ancient pharaohs, a lifetime supply of papyrus scrolls, and the power to control the Nile’s floods. Experience the ultimate ancient Egyptian fantasy!

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“Pharaoh’s Lightning Coupon! Redeem for treasures galore: 10 free laborers, a legendary chariot, a divine monument, 1000 gold coins, and an ancient scroll revealing hidden secrets! Offer expires in 7 moons.”

How to Redeem Code for Egypt: Old Kingdom

To redeem a gift code in Egypt: Old Kingdom, follow these steps. First, launch the game and open the main menu. Look for the "Settings" option and tap on it. A new window will appear, showing various options. Click on "Gift Code" and a text box will pop up. Enter your gift code in the text box and press the "Redeem" button. If the code is valid, the game will recognize it and apply the gift to your account. Enjoy your rewards!

List of Egypt: Old Kingdom Codes

1. Code: EOKGIFT1EGY - This gift code grants you a sacred artifact that enhances your kingdom's religious power in Egypt: Old Kingdom. Use it wisely to gain favor with the gods and unlock unique blessings.

2. Code: EOKGIFT2EGY - Unlock a secret treasure room filled with valuable resources and artifacts exclusive to Egypt: Old Kingdom. This gift code will give you the upper hand in building and expanding your ancient kingdom.

3. Code: EOKGIFT3EGY - Get a pack of elite warriors to defend your kingdom in Egypt: Old Kingdom. With this gift code, your military strength will be greatly enhanced, ensuring victory against your enemies.

4. Code: EOKGIFT4EGY - Enhance your economy with this gift code, granting you a boost in resources and trade opportunities in Egypt: Old Kingdom. Build a prosperous civilization and master the art of commerce.

5. Code: EOKGIFT5EGY - Acquire a secret technology that revolutionizes your infrastructure and city planning in Egypt: Old Kingdom. Use this gift code to unlock advanced architectural marvels and construct grand monuments.

6. Code: EOKGIFT6EGY - Gain exclusive access to an ancient tomb, filled with valuable treasures and enigmatic relics in Egypt: Old Kingdom. Unearth the mysteries of the past and uncover hidden knowledge.

7. Code: EOKGIFT7EGY - Unlock a special event that celebrates the glory of Egypt: Old Kingdom. Participate in festive activities, earn unique rewards, and leave your mark on the history of ancient Egypt.

8. Code: EOKGIFT8EGY - Receive a legendary pharaoh's crown, representing your divine authority in Egypt: Old Kingdom. This gift code grants you immense power and prestige, allowing you to rule with unmatched greatness.


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