EMERGENCY HQ is a rescue strategy game where players use codes to efficiently manage emergency situations. In the game, players direct rescue teams to various incidents such as fires, accidents, and natural disasters. By utilizing strategy codes, players can coordinate responses effectively, save lives, and earn rewards. Quick thinking, resource management, and teamwork are essential to succeed in EMERGENCY HQ.

Latest of EMERGENCY HQ Redeem Codes

n7SCRruvXXX Get

Receive a magic wand for instant rescues, a phoenix mount for faster response, and a potion for unlimited energy in battles.


Receive 50% off all air rescues, 10 free elite units, or a special mission unlock in EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy game.

How to Redeem Code for EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

To redeem a gift code in EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy, open the game, go to the settings menu, select "redeem code," enter the code provided, and claim your rewards to enhance your rescue operations.

List of EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy Codes

1. Code: RSHQ-EMERG-1234
Description: Unlock exclusive resources and rewards to enhance your rescue missions in EMERGENCY HQ.

2. Code: SAVE-LIVES-5678
Description: Use this gift code to access special equipment and tools to aid in your emergency rescue operations.

3. Code: RESPOND-QUICK-9012
Description: Receive instant boosts and bonuses to help you respond rapidly to crises in EMERGENCY HQ.

4. Code: HEROIC-DEEDS-3456
Description: Activate this code to gain additional support and reinforcements for your heroic rescue efforts.

Description: Increase your chances of successfully completing challenging missions with this gift code.

6. Code: TEAMWORK-WINS-2345
Description: Strengthen your team's coordination and effectiveness by redeeming this code.

7. Code: BRAVE-HEARTS-6789
Description: Unleash the bravery of your rescue team with this empowering gift code.

8. Code: READY-RESPONSE-0123
Description: Stay prepared and equipped for any emergency situation by utilizing this valuable gift code in EMERGENCY HQ.

Download ( V1.9.06 )

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