Atlantis Odyssey iOS Mod 1.47.1 (unlimited Energy/Gems)

NameAtlantis Odyssey
SizeVaries with device
Install Original android iphone

Atlantis Odyssey is an exciting economic game in which you will explore the wonderful land of Atlantis. As the entire population of Earth believes, Atlantis was lost many thousands of years ago. But as it turns out, she just disappeared from view, and not forever. Your mission is to restore the former greatness of the ancient civilization.

Atlantis Odyssey


Atlantis Odyssey – The game is full of episodes where you will have the opportunity to go on an exciting journey involving the exploration of the land of Atlantis. Build different buildings, equip your camp and explore uncharted places with heroes!

Find exciting adventures and learn the Atlantean way of life. You need to build your research base, open a farm where you can grow useful resources needed for survival, and rebuild the buildings of the old city. You can do this with the help of a mod with a lot of money.

Atlantis Odyssey

Survive and explore

You are waiting for fascinating quests to explore the area, in which you will get acquainted with the Atlanteans, learn their customs and culture. You will play as young scientists named Robert and Nicole, who will do their best to bring to light all the secrets of Atlantis. In addition to growing fruits, vegetables, and grains, you will mine useful resources such as wood, ore, stone, gems, amber, and much more.

Atlantis Odyssey

Highlights of Atlantis Odyssey

In the vast world of Atlantis Odyssey that will gradually open up, you must rebuild ancient structures. To do this, you must complete the quests of the local inhabitants, and in return, you will receive the resources and materials needed to build. During the game, you will be assisted by local and foreign assistants who will give you good advice and tips. Overcome difficulties in a fun and engaging way, and reveal all the secrets of Atlantis, where the minds of all mankind worked.

Atlantis Odyssey

The plane on which explorers Nicole and Robert had just embarked on a journey lost control and landed in the previously uncharted lands of the mysterious Atlantis. An unexpected trip awaits them, in which researchers need to take action to exploit natural resources and food, build their camp and work to develop it. Chat with the residents of these places and learn about their rules. Achieve set targets and regulate production.

Atlantis Odyssey

Put all the necessary things in your inventory, participate in the construction of factories and farms, from which you will receive income. You will also have the opportunity to explore ancient ruins and repair mysterious buildings using crystals. The game will appeal to all adventure lovers with its huge number of missions, colorful graphics, and engaging action sequences.

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