Bad 2 Bad: Extinction iOS Mod 3.0.2 (Gems/Unlock All Weapons)

Category Role Playing
Size 95M
Version 3.0.2
Update: 07/07/2022
Install Original android iphone

BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION continues the story of the fictional world. A team of professional beast soldiers is sent on a new mission. As it turns out, victory over the Great Al-Lama terrorist organization known as Al-Qatal does not mean the end of the fight against evil. A new threat is lurking among civilians.

Bad 2 Bad: What is Extinction?

Bad 2 bad extinction is the sequel to the popular shooter with RPG elements and now you will wage war against the zombies.


The legion of amputees, which consists only of humans, is plotting to destroy all intelligent animals on the planet. To do this, they will spare no effort, organize dangerous acts of sabotage, send punitive squads, and develop deadly weapons on a global scale. Now the B2B team must regroup and stop the human threat.

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Quests and Gameplay

Team DELTA is back up and running. In the process of completing an important secret mission, the main character of the game had a collision with the walking undead. You need to complete this combat mission at any cost, to be able to shoot at the enemy from the machine gun or simply throw a grenade at him. While only the main quest is of primary importance, you’ll have the opportunity to move around freely throughout the location to find various items and complete side quests.


Gamers will receive the command of a group of commando soldiers. The main tasks include the selection and precise tactical distribution of soldiers, weapons, and ammunition. BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION has more than 60 weapons, about 20 characters, and many mods and skins. A bonus is the Premium mod, in which all characters are unlocked. By combining these elements correctly, the player can create a unique crossing strategy for most missions. This is important because the number of enemies has only increased compared to the previous part. There are zombies, Amazons, humans, purebreds. Each type of monster needs a specific way of killing.

Highlights of Bad 2 Bad

The variety of weapons and characters is harmoniously complemented by the fighter development system. Skill in the use of secondary equipment is required. They increase damage, reduce wear, durability and increase accuracy. To correctly combine the soldiers in the team, the player will have to try, but such an approach will give a very good effect. After all, there is not only the storyline but also randomly generated maps with additional quests. With their help, gamers will be able to earn more money and equip the necessary equipment.


Each type of enemy in this game will have unique behaviors, you will need to adapt their strategy and upgrade your weapons and equipment to the maximum, the only way you can destroy them. Kill even the strongest enemy. You will also need to learn additional skills to be able to effectively use secondary weapons, as well as gain a large number of other advantages – instant reloads, increased attack power if needed, etc.

How to control

In the game you can control dozens of characters, using a variety of weapons and armor. Additionally, the game can give you randomly generated terrain maps, the ability to battle drones, as well as the ability to change your character’s appearance and transform weapons. In Bad Extinction 2 you will have the opportunity to complete the main quests moving around the battlefield full of enemies, or use the free game mode where the maps will be randomly generated, where You will need to collect weapons and various items.

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