Bus Simulator Ultimate ( Mod OBB + Unlimited Money)

Category Simulation
Size 68M
Version 2.0.7
Update: 09/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is suitable for players who want to learn to drive a bus. The advantage of this creative emulator is its great realism, as well as the graphical component. An equally high-quality element of the toy is its sound.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a fun game for all simulation lovers. Here people can imagine themselves as a driver who likes to travel by bus on the roads of Europe. The paths and scenery outside the window are made very realistic, the game has beautiful graphics. In addition, the creators of the game Bus Simulator: Ultimate drew inspiration from real roads in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands.


Features of Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Players will be able to develop their business to organize their own company, and then a corporation. And then the company’s offices will be in various parts of the world. Thirteen bus brands are offered to travel around the world in the game. The goal of the game is to transport people around the world. You will be able to see the world from the bus cabin, as well as present yourself as the owner of a bus corporation and an experienced driver who started his business from scratch. Are not.

The game attracts attention mainly because of its realism. It is necessary to stop on time at the stops for passengers to get on and off the bus. Weather conditions will change. The background music will also allow you to immerse yourself in the game. Intuitive and easy management. The physics in the game is also very realistic, so you can feel all the fun while driving on the roads over the longest distances. To grow the company, you need to receive money to be a driver, then invest the money received so that offices appear in European countries. In addition, the game has more than 250 radio stations. For those who want to simplify the process, there is a mod for endless amounts.

bus-simulator-final-apk-latest version


Your day job is simple enough – wait for passengers to fill up with gas and drive them around town. The player’s path will start from the garage, where he will have to choose for himself a suitable bus. Then you start moving to the specified place on the map.

The control system provided in the game is no different from similar simulators – it is extremely simple and straightforward. On the left side of the screen, the creators of the simulator have placed a navigation panel. Space for the right accelerator, brake, horn, and transmission. For the bus to respond in time to receive signals, all these keys should be combined. The game also offers the ability to change the viewing angle. To feel like a real city bus driver, use the first view. The resulting sensations will surely surprise you with their realism.


Sound and graphics

The game will be even more interesting with excellent 3D graphics. During the development of the transportation system, the surrounding area is perfected to every detail. It’s not just the roadmaps themselves that have been mapped out. The driver can fully see the traffic lights and city buildings with trees. For increased realism, weather effects are also provided – fog is replaced by rain and snow. The impressions from such a trip would be amazing.

The sound deserves its description – the roar of bus engines and other city traffic noises can be heard perfectly. To make the trip not boring, you can choose a suitable station.

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