Cradle of Empires Mod 7.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Cradle of Empires: can safely be called one of the most relevant puzzle games and unlike all other puzzle games for tablets and smartphones controlled by Android and iOS.

Cradle of Empires


To some experienced players, it can seem like any match-3 puzzle these days is pretty monotonous, so it can get boring very quickly. In fact, more than half of the puzzles are now considered common copies of each other without a unique component. As a result, they quickly get bored, so that users will soon stop playing them. If you download Cradle of Empires Mod, then you can quickly find out that this game is similar to others.

Cradle of Empires Mod

However, there is an important nuance – players will be asked to help various ancient civilizations in the process of completing the quest. But to achieve the result, you will have to go through some huge levels. The game involves a wide variety of resources that will need to be collected. They also include magical amulets and interesting artifacts. If you successfully complete the tasks, then success is guaranteed and players will be able to save many civilizations from destruction.

Outstanding Features

For the long-awaited help to the local inhabitants, it is necessary to carry out the proposed tasks from the inhabitants of the settlements with high quality. If we take an analogy, then the game Cradle of Empires is, in a sense, even a little bit like the world famous “Clash of Clans”, where the main task is to build a base. In this game you need to do something like that.

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Some features of the game that users will definitely like are as follows:

  • Beautiful and well-thought-out graphics, combined with great special effects;
  • Interesting gameplay compared to other similar games;
  • The user is offered through a large number of levels with varying degrees of difficulty.

After successfully downloading and starting the game, you have the opportunity to use four currencies: gold, bricks, regulations and diamonds, which must be purchased with real money. And any real game loves money, as there are lots of contributions. It is important to note that the game has really nice graphics, Cradle of Empires has a noticeable difference to be better than other games. The special effects are also outstanding for their quality. There are also collections that will have to be collected at once from many constituent elements, then given to friends or received many valuable rewards.