Eyes: Scary Thriller iOS Mod 6.1.99 (Immortal/Unlimited Money)

NameEyes: Scary Thriller
CategoryGame Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Eyes: Scary Thriller offers fans of the horror and adventure genre first-person plenty of exciting and eye-catching action. Users will plunge into unraveling a strange and ominous sequence of events that took place in these underground catacombs centuries ago and are still reverberating with creepy groans, hums, and sounds. chaos, but most importantly – the disappearance of people and strange phenomena around.

Eyes: Scary Thriller

Start your terrifying journey through cobwebs and read quests as you unlock ancient boxes in the dark corners of the somber rooms of Eyes: Scary Thriller. Dive into the messages and think what this or that riddle, message, or mysterious request might mean.

Head down to the deeper levels of the catacombs and start searching for items or quest mechanics. Meet terrifying creatures, many of which jump out of your surroundings unexpectedly, are terrifying, and sometimes make you run away or engage in battle with them. Kill ghosts and demons, get a certain amount of game currency.

Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod

Use an Eyes: Scary Thriller mod to earn money because sometimes money is simply not enough to cross the next frontier of the scenario, to destroy a terrible boss. Buy crosses and holy water, crossbows with runes on the butt and silver arrows, take care of a trusty cloak over your shoulders, embroidered with symbols of protection.

Hack Eyes: Scary Thriller

Buy hats or helmets, boots of all kinds, belts, rings, and amulets. Search for hidden locations and try to find ancient things for which the character will gain amazing abilities and resistance to various striking moments. Go through many plot missions, get acquainted with mysterious incidents, try to calm disturbed ghosts, dead people, and youkai.

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