Glory of Generals Mod 1.2.6 (Premium/Unlimited Medals)

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The glory of Generals is rightly considered one of the best military strategies. With its help, you will be transported back to the 40s of the last century, when most states focused all their resources on preparing for military operations. Gamers will have to test their skills in dozens of companies, each based on a true event. You will lead the largest operations, plan the actions of different branches of the army and unravel the plans of the enemy.

Glory of Generals


The first phase of the project is the German invasion of Poland, which began in 1939. To get to the next level, you must complete the previous mission. In each position, players will be faced with pretty good resistance, so experienced users will be able to achieve success faster.

Glory of Generals

At your disposal – dozens of weapons used in the fields of the Second World War. The company will be made up of the most famous commanders who have commanded the highest level of military operations. Since each personality has its specialty, interacting with them will become even more enjoyable. Assess your strength as the leader of certain branches of the army.

Glory of Generals

The glory of Generals is an attractive strategy game

The glory of Generals is a virtual story written and directed by every mobile device owner. Implement a spectacular and exciting tactical strategy that will not only give you a unique experience but will also help you find a worthy use for your abilities. The game will require courage and dedication, sharpness of mind and speed of reaction, the ability to make informed decisions in extreme conditions. Mobile users will have the opportunity to participate in a military adventure, the events of which will develop in real-time, requiring fast and precise actions.

Glory of Generals

Control the battle

The glory of Generals is an exciting battle process that will make each participant more daring, more dynamic, and more determined. Playing through the game will require the ability to make decisions and take responsibility – qualities that will help develop a large-scale virtual adventure. Participants are guaranteed an unforgettable experience and plenty of opportunities for self-expression.

Glory of Generals

Among the tasks will be the formation of an army, the participation of seasoned generals, the planning of military operations, and many other tasks that contribute to victory. To access military equipment and armory, a mod with a large amount of money will be made available to every commander in chief. Military adventure fans will get a lot of pleasure from the fight to win, which is associated with maximum risk and driving.

Glory of Generals

Features of Glory of Generals

On the game map, the entire theater of battles is located at once – both the main actions and the areas associated with them. You will have both combat units and rear units at your disposal. If the player does not provide the army with everything it needs, it will become extremely difficult to win the battle. Gamers will have to try on a general’s military uniform, ie determine the tactics and tactics of the battle themselves.

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Your task is to manage the movement of subordinate units as efficiently as possible. After choosing one of them, the player will see the free points present on the ground. To encircle a key enemy position, it was necessary to move all formations below one level. The opportunity to attack comes when the enemy is ready to attack you.

For a successful battle, you get rewards that help you level up before the next battle.