Head Ball 2 (Mod Unlimited Diamonds and Coins) V1.220

NameHead Ball 2
CategoryGame Mobile, Sports
Install Original android iphone

Head Ball 2 is the second part of a sports competition, the abilities of which have been appreciated by many gamers. They are invited to abandon the conventional ideas of football matches, which often cause quite a feeling of contradiction among fans, and even complexity.


Gameplay and Controls 2022

This app has unique power-ups, a total of 18 of them. At certain points of the game they will be able to turn the outcome of the confrontation and you will start to dominate the field.

Gradually collect the cards, and if you collect a complete collection you will get a new character. As the gameplay progresses, various surprises, exciting bonuses and exciting new features await you.


In GameHead Ball 2 there is the opportunity to talk to other players, you can advise on interesting and effective tactics, or just negotiate a friendly confrontation. Download the game and plunge into the world of dizzying confrontations.

Features of Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 will help you practice scoring, find the best teamfight tactics and apply non-standard solutions. The game with colorful graphics will help you enjoy the dynamics of football battles, feel confident and free.

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After all, everyone wants to win by showing maximum dedication, no matter how perfect experience and skill. Professional sports, demanding and merciless for newcomers, rarely spoil them with prizes and victories. This was before the colorful arcade game was born with a very unusual concept and a humorous struggle process.


Features of the game:

  • Bright graphics
  • Funny football player
  • Exciting battle
  • Happy air
  • Various modes
  • Twenty skills and powers
  • Unusual skill
  • Charts

Indeed, in addition to convenient controls and simple rules that contribute to victory, there are many different tricks here. Magic skills used on the football field will make even the most hopeless situations look promising.


Access to a complete collection of magic techniques and effects will open the mod for a lot of money, allowing you to defeat even the most powerful and experienced enemies. Animated football players, who will be controlled by a gamer, will surely gain the upper hand in the most exciting confrontation, because here you can use any forbidden technique .