Hoosegow: Prison Survival iOS Mod 1.4.64 (Free Shopping)

NameHoosegow: Prison Survival
Install Original android iphone

Hoosegow: Prison Survival – behind the bars of its own life, its own laws and rules, which must be followed, otherwise the criminal will spend the entire term “at the bottom”. After starting the game, a random character will appear – he commits a crime and must receive a prison sentence.

He has his own appearance, personality and habits, which also influence the course of events. Every day, completing different tasks, gamers will receive authority points. Every decision you make has consequences, sometimes unpleasant consequences. The main task is to survive. The character’s personal file shows his data, including his status.

Hoosegow: Prison Survival

Features of Hoosegow: PrisonSurvival

    • Addicted to prison life simulation.
    • Nonlinear segment.
    • Hundreds of situations that require player participation.
    • Fun interface, lots of humor in the passage.
    • Many items can affect the course of an event.
    • Good optimization.
    • Drawn plot.
  • The menu is clear in Russian.
  • Simple controls, with tips.
  • Small system requirements.
  • Mod for diamonds.

Any items you find can be used to turn the tide in your favor. For example, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine or a can of broth. In prison there are “men” – middle class, upper class, privileged people or rebels who sit “by the bucket”.

Ending a day with “elite” today, gamers risk encountering an outcast tomorrow if the wrong decision is made. In the process of passing, there will be many funny situations and dialogues, if you fail you can always start over with another random character. The reasons for the conviction deserve special attention.

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