Idle Arks Mod 2.3.18 (Unlimited Woods/Diamond/Gems)

Category Casual
Size 116M
Version 2.3.18
Update: 16/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

Idle Arks: Build at Sea invites users to start an active struggle for survival. A global disaster has occurred on our giant planet. What causes it is not known.


However, the outcome of a disaster can push even the most positive optimists into depression. After all, now all dry soil has disappeared from the face of the earth. Not a single continent survived. Our giant planet turned into a giant ocean overnight.

Simple gameplay

At the same time, the gamer turned out to be the last survivor of a global disaster. It is difficult to understand whether fate gave the main character a gift of happiness or decided to make fun of him. However, the hero has no choice but to start the struggle for existence.

idle-arks-apk-latest version

As an added bonus, you should use a mod to earn money. It will help simplify the execution of many tasks, provide access to endless possibilities, eliminate the need to constantly mine for in-game currency.


Features of Idle Arks

Gamers can only get acquainted with the lone survivor. He found himself in the middle of a vast ocean. There was only water around, under which was a small raft. It was these meager logs that helped the main character escape a global disaster.


However, in the introduced Idle Arks: Build at Sea project, gamers will have to spend a lot of time on rafts. It is necessary to try to turn a small piece of territory into a comfortable floating profession. To begin construction, you will have to thoroughly study the surrounding waters. It is in them that you can find a lot of useful things. By catching valuable resources from the ocean, the user can begin to improve their raft, improve the flotation device, and embark on the next adventure through showers, snow, and storms.