Last Empire - War Z Mod 1.0.387 (Unlimited Diamonds/Money)

Category Strategy
Size Varies with device
Version 1.0.387
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Last Empire – War Z – the game where you have to equip yourself with courage and prudence, give up comfort and happiness, devoting yourself to the main goal – survival. The heroes of this virtual adventure have no choice: the world is in chaos after the apocalypse, zombies roam the destroyed cities, the number is growing by the minute. It is impossible to survive under such circumstances, and some crazy idealists decide to make a last-ditch effort.


What is Last Empire – War Z: Strategy?

Last Empire-War Z is a large-scale battle and the arrangement of a bunker to protect people from zombies, an interesting confrontation and solving pressing problems. A colorful, dynamic and action-packed story that will allow you to showcase your leadership and win-win skills you can be proud of.

Outstanding Features of Last Empire

Players are invited to lead a squad of daredevils who will not only protect the few survivors of this otherworldly nightmare, but also stop the spread of a terrible virus. turn people into bloodthirsty monsters. The game itself will give you weapons, food and medicine, the belief in victory will strengthen you and allow you to act boldly and decisively.


The main difficulty is preserving the human form in conditions when moral principles do not work, and the principles of humanism are destroyed by the fear of animals for their lives. Goals, ideals, old plans – all this no longer interests anyone. Battles will develop in various parts of the world and you will be able to watch the battles of other users.

Also, do not forget to research the conquered lands and mine useful resources, so that you always have the opportunity to modify your own home. With this ending, you yourself can decide who you will be in this world. Your game hero can play the role of a thief, a rebel.

Gameplay and Graphics

You will have to build your base, plan your defensive tactics, and assemble a team to defend against an attack. Among the enemies will be not only the walking dead, but also those who, in inhumane conditions, have lost all kinds of landmarks and become no less aggressive than zombies.

last-Empire-war-z-Strategy-mod-apk-latest version

You will have a chance to make strong alliances with other users or attack them, but in any case you will always have a main enemy and you should always remember this. You will need to decide for yourself your place in this world, because here you can roam around the world, or you can try to increase your own power over the bases located within county and become much stronger.

Of course, to play, you need an Internet connection to participate in battles with other opponents or just wander in search of adventures around the game world. The interface is presented in Russian, which is a good feature of the project.

As for the visuals, there is nothing to complain about, everything is decorated to the highest level. The quality of the game is also worth noting, it’s bright and striking, and the soundtrack adds dynamism to what’s going on. Download last Empire var z for your android and help your people survive in this cruel world.