Lep's World 2 Mod 5.4.5 (Unlimited Gems/Money)

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To the delight of fans, the developers released the second part of the super product of the same name. Lep’s World 2… The new season has an excellent plot and many levels of detail. The plot progression is as follows. It was a normal sunny day.

Lep's World 2

The main character Lep plays quietly and happily with his friends. But their peace was disturbed by an evil witch who decided to take their treasure. Now, Lep, as the sole survivor, must avenge his friends and return the stolen gold.

Lep's World 2 Mod

The app will welcome players with 8 unique worlds, each world detailed. The game itself consists of 64 levels. The main task is to collect gold, money bags and defeat the opponents. According to the plot there will be 10. In general, the plot is similar to the first part, but with some innovation points.

The main change is the new jumping mechanics. The jump strength is now adjusted based on the length of the keypress. Three lives are given for each level.