Mimicry: Online Horror Action Gift Codes (June 2023)

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Mimicry: Online Horror Action is a third-person multiplayer shooter where you have to fight against vile and bloodthirsty monsters that frighten with their very appearance. According to the plot, you will be among a small detachment, among which one is infected with an alien creature, and hides itself well in order to attack unnoticed and destroy everyone!

Mimicry: Online Horror Action
Gift Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
70NW1R2LDIS556May 27, 2023
OJ9QFVTBH3E0I26832April 25, 2023
RPFMZ2JWSAC5I630437May 27, 2023
QR5LKWDXPTS8E2390220April 17, 2023
AX13IWLOPEB5RZS850April 22, 2023
QTGZ7V6YLO98FEJW811April 8, 2023
BWCYMXIAG920ROS4512May 25, 2023
QMB9PFU5347OSXAGN187April 18, 2023
I8PSR3TKAZ1LVM7514April 28, 2023
T03SIAGH4VN8OEWC112April 23, 2023

Up to 9 players can participate in the game at the same time, among which one will be randomly selected and hit by a monster. His main task is to kill all people as soon as possible, while remaining preferably unnoticed. He also has the ability to change the appearance of a person and a creature, and if he managed to kill someone, he will be able to take on the appearance of the killed one in order to puzzle the rest of the survivors.

Human players should try to get out of this place as soon as possible, or try to kill the monster using flamethrowers and other weapons. The appearance of each character has the ability to customize to be different from the rest of the players. And all the fights take place on different maps, which of course brings variety.

Game Features:
Ability to communicate using voice chat;
Several game locations;
High-quality graphics;
Character customization.