Jewels Town : Match3 Codes 2024 May

Last update April 14, 2024

Jewels Town is a Match-3 game where players match colorful jewels to complete puzzles and progress through levels. The game features various power-ups and obstacles to make the gameplay more engaging. Players can also use cheat codes or special Match3 codes to unlock extra lives, resources, or other rewards to help them advance in the game.

Latest of Jewels Town : Match3 Codes


Unicorn pet, magical wand, diamond crown, enchanted castle, and a lifetime supply of rare jewels awaits the victorious player.


“Unlock a secret treasure chest, gain extra moves, double your score, and summon a powerful dragon to clear the board!”

How to Redeem Code for Jewels Town : Match3

To redeem a gift code in Jewels Town: Match3, open the game, navigate to the settings or gift code section, enter the provided code, and claim your reward of in-game items or currency.

List of Jewels Town : Match3 Codes

1. JT-1A2B3C4D
2. JT-EFGH-5678
3. 9IJT-ABCD-5678
4. JEWL-7890-TOWN
5. MATCH-JEW1-2345
6. JT-MATC-6743
7. JEWL-TOW0-N123
8. TOWN-JWLS-5678

These unique gift codes can be redeemed in Jewels Town : Match3 for exciting rewards and boosts to enhance the gaming experience. Just enter the code in the designated gift code section within the game to claim your gift. Enjoy the thrill of matching jewels and solving puzzles with these exclusive rewards to progress faster in the game. Grab your gift code now and get ready for hours of fun in Jewels Town : Match3!