Mutant Genetic Gladiators (Mod Unlimited Gold) V73.501.166651

NameMutant Genetic Gladiators
SizeVaries with device
Install Original android iphone

Game Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is an action, horror, science-oriented genre. The game will need to lead genetically improved gladiators and into the battlefield.

Mutant Genetic Gladiators

Form a team and fight

Gladiators have their own unique abilities, they can be pumped, passed, and get more advanced mutants. Using the mutations presented in the application, you can improve the attacks, enhance the abilities of the warriors. Get the opportunity to conduct online battles together with like-minded people. The application has good graphics.

Mutant Genetic Gladiators

Advantages of Mutant Genetic Gladiators

  • High quality graphics.
  • 150 types of mutations.
  • Six mutants to overcome: Cyborg, Dead Man, Mythic, Galaktik, Zoomorph, Slasher.
  • Secret views.
  • The ability to fight online.
  • Four divisions were defeated.

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