Mutiny Pirate Survival RPG Mod 0.46.0 (Unlimited Money/VIP)

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Mutiny Pirates: RPG Survival Games – In the game, you need to survive the riot on your ship. To do this, you will have to go through a mission on a mysterious island located in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.


You will be left without food and weapons, and so you will need to get down to business. Try to be the leader of a pirate team to fight your way through the desert area and build a fortress where you can protect your life and property.

mutiny-pirate-survival-rpg-apk-latest version

Clear the forest to hide and find the necessary tools, you will learn how to solve more complex problems. Should make friends with the Indian tribe and start trading with this tribe. By attacking the neighbors, you can get whole chests of valuables. There is a rich crafting system that will allow you to get everything you need.


Travel under the black flag, explore the island’s territory, and develop your strategy! You won’t have time to rest, but you can replenish your team. Prosperity and complete dominion over the region will likely be achieved.