RTS Siege Up iOS Mod 1.1.104r2 (Free Shopping)

NameRTS Siege Up
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RTS Siege Up! is a fun game with beautiful graphics and convenient controls in a 3D fantasy world. The main goal is to protect the castle from enemy attacks. In addition, you need economic development to provide weapons for the army and ordinary settlers with food and housing. Among the farmers were workers who exploited various resources, cut trees or worked in mines. Some fishermen give you some food.


From the military force were archers, crossbowmen, spearmen, swordsmen, and cavalrymen. You can build a catapult, ballista, or battleship. Among the buildings, were fishing houses and farms, which provided food for settlers and troops. Also in RTS Siege Up! There are military facilities where soldiers are trained. Ballistae and catapult are being built in the workshop. Walls can be built for protection and towers can be placed between them, on which ballistas will be placed.

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But constructing buildings and buying warriors requires in-game currency, which can be earned by completing third-party quests. They are lightweight and don’t give a lot of money, but at first, this is quite enough to support the economy and build a few walls in weak points of defense.


But using a mod with a lot of money, you can expand the wall plan and hire more warriors to protect the castle. Rebuilding destroyed walls is also very expensive. This money can also be used to develop economic stability, which will have a positive impact on the happiness of settlers. If necessary, you can save the game to one of the slots provided and continue in your free time where you left off.

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