Rush Royale iOS Mod 15.0.44130 (Unlimited Gems, Money/Unlocked)

NameRush Royale
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Rush Royale – Tower Defense – a game based on tower defense, you have never played such a game before. The towers act as different RPG heroes.

Rush Royale

What is Rush Royale?

In the game’s fantasy world, powerful warriors, archers and magicians face off against countless hordes. Explosions and whistling arrows will defend the castle and this is your main mission in an individual team.

The tower defense takes place in bright colors. The defense of the base was entirely up to the brave warriors, but they weren’t built like that, unlike the normal ones. To create powerful fighters, you need to collect a deck of heroes from the cards.

Rush Royale

Gameplay and Controls

Rush Royale – Tower Defense – who doesn’t remember “Tower Defense”, when it was important to fortify their buildings, reflecting enemy attacks. Here the gameplay is similar, complemented by elements of a card game. We must defend our territory from enemy aggression.

Rush Royale

The number of enemies will increase each time, as will their strength. Therefore, it is important to pump your fortifications, placing brave warriors around the perimeter. Several modes: single – where, after collecting some cards with powerful warriors, you have to fend off the onslaught of hordes of enemies. Cooperation – you can call a friend and defend yourself from enemies together or participate in online PvP battles.

Rush Royale

Tower against tower is also fighting here. You have to fight not only with your enemies and their bosses, but also with your friends. You can play in real-time PvP mode and fight with real players. It is necessary to create an insurmountable line of heroes. Your main task is not to go to the castle, although the enemy will try very hard to get through the castle. The battle will be very fierce. Your heroes are stronger than defending stone towers.

Rush Royale

Rush Royale Highlights

Warriors have different abilities, among them are brave knights, powerful mages, well-aimed archers and cunning assassins. We need to place them along the path so that they attack the approaching enemy before he reaches the kingdom.

  • Simple 2D graphics.
  • Several modes of passing – singly, cooperatively, existentially.
  • Simple controls, intuitive interface.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Various types of fighter aircraft.
  • Character pump system.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Good optimization.
  • Updated frequently.
  • Online PvP battles with real players.
  • With a mod for a lot of money.

Using cards requires mana consumption, to replenish the inventory you need to destroy the opponent. To upgrade existing soldiers, you need to pass the same cards together. As a result there will be one with improved characteristics.

The strongest strategist wins. Start playing and catch a lot of fun!

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