Slingshot Stunt Driver iOS Mod 1.9.25 (Unlimited Money/Upgrade)

Category Racing
Size 141M
Version 1.9.25
Update: 02/09/2022
Install Original android iphone

Slingshot Stunt Driver invites you to participate in a challenging competition. Here gamers will not only have to learn how to drive. A rather unusual acceleration for a car is offered.


Gameplay Guide

At the top of each track there is a giant spear. It is necessary to pull as far as possible so that the car has enough acceleration to complete the entire distance. Then you have to master the entire track, avoiding collisions with all kinds of obstacles.

Along the way, you need to collect coins scattered everywhere. The money accumulated in the game will certainly be required to upgrade existing vehicles, buy new cars with more impressive features. Even the spear must be improved.


By adding more power to it, you can achieve more outstanding results, increasing the vehicle’s starting speed to maximum performance. The monetization mod becomes a fun addition to the gameplay. It will ease restrictions for users by providing access to advanced features.


Features of Slingshot Stunt Driver

In the presented Slingshot Stunt Driver entertainment, players systematically receive all kinds of tasks, dealing with regulatory tests on dangerous tracks. At the same time, he must learn how to correctly calculate the acceleration of his car.


Indeed, at the end of the road, he still had to go through a brick wall. The power of the vehicle should be enough for the entire intended path, and then overcome the final obstacle. Only in this case, the task is considered completed, and the next level will please you with a generous reward.

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