Big Rig Racing Mod (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Cars)

Category Racing
Size 64M
Update: 24/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Big Rig Racing will appeal to all fans of giant cars and gambling races with its simulator effect. The user will get behind the wheel of huge trucks with trailers and will rush forward along various highways and highways, trying to pass the main characters on the network and the computer, without rolling and don’t fly into the ditch while having time to collect bonuses and accelerators that appear randomly on the track. The toy will offer amazing 3D graphics and vivid effects, an amazing sea of ​​discoveries and unlocks, purchases and upgrades, excitement, and tension process.

Big Rig Racing

Let’s get started and Big Rig Racing will quickly show that it deserves the top score. Choose one of the big trucks available at the start of the game and do your best to finish first in a story campaign or online clash on an unlocked map. Start accelerating, perform dangerous moves on the track, push everyone to the sides of the road and try not to collide with the opponent’s large moving vehicle, so as not to overturn and lose momentum.

Big Rig Racing Mod

Get coins for first places at the finish line and for performing dangerous maneuvers, as well as for picking coins on the track. Don’t forget about the monetization mod, in which the account gets a large supply of game finance and the user can buy whatever he wants. Buy amazing trucks, start multi-faceted upgrades, race the most prestigious tracks and beat highly rated online opponents. Win tournaments and earn rare skins and parts, enjoy the unique and adrenaline-filled gaming atmosphere.